SWTOR - ZL: Legacy of the Rakatas

The Forged Alliances story arc ended with Update 2.10 and the Legacy of the Rakata tactical hot spot. Once again, we return to a planet of KOTOR video games, the cradle of the Rakatas: the planet Lehon, also called Rakata Prime.

Once again, we can find music from KOTOR, we will also note the music that starts during loading which is a relatively sad theme and which changes from usual. Finally, once again, it's unfortunate that this is only a Tactical Hotspot and not a Hard Mode Hotspot, but rest assured, if they decide to do a Hard Mode for ... the update. 3.0 for example, there would be some cool places to place a bonus boss!

End of hopes, let's tackle the concrete instead! First of all I would like to give my opinion on this ZL. I find it much easier than Manaan and not talking about strats for the bosses in this ZL, there just aren't any, they are poles. It would be disappointing if it weren't for ... the sets! I have to say these are exceptional and breathtaking! Upon arrival we are immersed in a superb setting, and it does not stop throughout the ZL. The developers and graphic designers simply did a hell of a job on this ZL, and everything is perfect, whether it is the plants, the sky, the sea, the ground, or even the relief, not to mention the buildings. Here are some examples :

I'm not a fan of the "no-brain" mode and go for it and just type, just on the strategies this ZL would have deserved that I do not appreciate it. However, it went straight into my top 3, if not my favorite thanks to its decor in particular, and all the atmosphere during the progression of the ZL. The group with whom I was able to discover it was unanimous, the atmosphere is also exceptional and we are really immersed in it. Only downside for the atmosphere: the exit of the zone which breaks everything a little by a necessary "Leave the zone" whereas a shuttle is right next to it and could have been made clickable.



The story is quite linear and will take you from your landing point to your target. Along the way you can meet various types of enemies: a little wildlife, rakatas of course, cyborgs and finally imperial and republican revanites.

Groups of enemies should not be of particular concern as they have little health and die quite easily. However, be careful with Rakata Mystics, as they heal their allies. If you want shorter fights, consider breaking their spells, and killing those first.

Finally, think about regenerating your life between fights: one or two ambushes await you during the contentious zone. Unlike Manaan, in this ZL there are only kolto distributors next to the bosses.

Forward for Lehon!

When you arrive, you land on a beach, and straight away you have the right (in fact the obligation) for a little strategic discussion with an allied trio to deal with this threat. You will then follow the beach until you reach a sort of rakata village whose "houses" are in fact slums laid out in parts of ship wrecks. After a little surprise party once there, you can enter the village arena and face the first boss.


First Boss: Warchief Rakata

It's actually a double boss: a rakata called Warchief Rakata and his companion rancor called Savage Warbeast. Small identity cards:

Chef's health points: 404 685

Rancor Hit Points: 606 675

Buffs : Both have the Boss Immunity buff, making them immune to paralysis or other miscellaneous control effects. The rancor has for its part the buff preventing any interruption of its spells, unlike the rakata which anyway does not channel any. For his part, the warchief also has the Impossible Provocation buff making any tanking of this one impossible. A tank will therefore rather focus on keeping the rancor. Finally, at the start of the fight the warlord will be in a place overlooking the arena and will have a debuff preventing jumping on it.

Combat mechanics : At the start of the fight, only the rancor can be attacked until it has lost 10% health, the warchief will then descend to help his pet and you will have both on your back. There is no obligation to kill one of the two first, killing one does not trigger enrage one way or the other. The ideal remains in fact to keep the rancor and the rakata glued in order to apply for those who can a maximum of damage of area. The most logical thing, however, is to kill the rakata first. He will no longer annoy us with his flames, and it will cause a damage source removed more quickly!

Throughout the fight, the rancor will channel identical "right hand" and "left hand" attacks which will be performed on a rectangle in front of it. In addition to taking some minor damage, those present will be ejected. It is possible to resist the projection with powers such as Immutability or Hydraulic Manipulation. It repeats this attack every 7 to 8 seconds. He will also occasionally strike the ground with both fists, knocking nearby players away.

As for the Warchief, he is content with throws as well as depositing a zone of damage at the feet of a player. These areas are persistent and placing them correctly can be helpful. Both do little damage, most of that you will take will come from areas of flame deposited by the rakata.

You can then resume your journey to a rakata temple, taking the opportunity to destroy caches of rakata weapons found by the revanites. Once you reach the temple steps, the second boss will be waiting for you: Commander Rand.


Second boss : Commandant Rand

This has something of a commander: troops! A dozen men are present with him, and 2 dozen more will return during the fight.

Point of view : 379 for the commander, 172 for the cyborg soldiers at his command.

Buffs : Has boss immunity and impossible interrupt buffs.

Additional enemies The boss is surrounded by 12 men at the start, 12 others will join the fight 1 minute after the launch of it and another 12 more a minute later. You will then be quiet for the soldiers and only the boss will remain. The enemies each do very little damage, the danger comes from their numbers, especially if you take more than a minute to kill them.

Combat mechanics:  When reinforcements arrive (or at the start of combat), Commander Rand performs Tactical Repositioning. He is then floating in the air, immune to a shield. This shield lasts about forty seconds before it descends. It can also descend faster if you've killed all enemies before the shield end time. He will operate this repositioning 3 times in total therefore, at the beginning, and for the 2 waves of reinforcements.

When he is on the ground, he channels a shot that will hit all those in the fine rectangle in front of him, so you have to make sure to get out of the rectangle, except for his target who will have no other choice but to take the shot. It also regularly performs (every 15 seconds) a shot that throws the target back.

Small note concerning the adds, one of them will have its size which will be doubled a few seconds after the fight, I did not notice anything particular about it, at the same time, given the number of characters, it was quite difficult to be able to change targets and hit the right one. Anyway, he probably has more hit points or inflicts more damage, if in doubt, focus on him!


Once dead, you can enter the temple and attend a small cutscene where you can make a dark or light choice for 150 alignment points.

The scenery that opens up to you just after this cutscene is visually one of the best in the ZL, and yet it's an interior? But the lighting effects are interesting there, whatever the level of graphic quality you are playing! In short, you resume your way through the temple to reach its summit, possibly getting rid of a new ambush in the process, then you will be entitled to a new cutscene and the confrontation of your target from the start, another double boss: colonel Darok and dark Arkous.


Last boss: Darok and Arkous

We could hardly have done more health bag than the previous ZL bosses, yet it is mission successful! Let's start with an identity card:

Darok Hit Points : 568 776

Arkous health points: 568 776

Buffs : They both have Boss Immune and Steadfast (no interrupt). Darok is also immune to taunt, making tanking impossible.

Strategy: Type. That's all. No seriously that's all, you just have to type!

Okay, I'll describe it a bit more like this. You can shoot the one you want first, there is no rage from the second to the death of one of the two. In things of note, Arkous will continuously fire lightning bolts at his target when his health reaches around 50-60%, until his death. These lightning bolts are a mosquito bite and won't do more damage to you than its previous damage mode, so that's okay apart from the continuous sound of lightning bolts which may annoy some. The ideal if Arkous is tanked is to start with him, once dead, the tank will be able to hit the same target as the rest of the group which will increase your focus and therefore your damage.

Individual powers : Arkous canlylse from time to time a strangulation on his target, which will have the effect of paralyzing it. Darok sometimes makes an attack that will throw his target far away. Nothing very special then.

The only "difficulty" of these bosses lies in ... nothing. It'll just take you a little while depending on your gear if you do less damage than others, but it should still go smoothly if you take the available kolto dispensers correctly. This is even more true of the fact that during combat you receive help from a non-player character for the damage dealt to both bosses, and the damage received as well since he is their target as well.



Once your targets are eliminated, you will be able to speak to the NPC who helped you and your "employers". During your discussion you will be interrupted by a fairly famous character! You can then leave the ZL and return to the fleet for a first discussion that will send you to another planet for the last cutscene of Forged Alliances.

And for those who want a little picture of the surprise guest:

Attention Spoiler!



Maxcraft83 invites you to discover the disputed area in video:


Loots and related achievements

You know, with Galactic Strongholds, each Flashpoint is entitled to its own decoration that can be obtained at random. No luck, on the 2 times I was able to do it before writing this, the decoration did not fall! I can still show you what it looks like with the decorations preview! It is a plant! The decoration is called Tree in a pot: Rakata palm. And will be the most beautiful effect on Tatooïne for those wishing to create a small oasis. If I trust the first echoes I have received among my acquaintances, this decoration is very popular with people. It's simple, in my first group, we did the whole ZL before looking at what the decoration looked like, and throughout the ZL we kept telling ourselves that one of the trees would be awesome ... Wish granted!

And it's not over ! We are entitled to another loot in this ZL, a familiar: a prismatic mawvorr. Once again he randomly lands on the last boss.

You may also be lucky enough to pick up a mount Aquatic sleen :


Who says Litigation Zone also says success. There is one success per boss to be defeated once. Once Colonel Darok and Dark Arkous are defeated, you will also get the trophy with their likeness as a reward for your fortress.

In the other achievements you have: finish the contentious area 10 and 25 times on the one hand, as well as finish the story of Forged Alliances on the Empire side for a first success, and on the Republic side for a second success.

Obtaining the Republic achievement and the Empire achievement will complete a third achievement which will reward you with the inheritance title: Alliance Smith.


Special thanks Spad'ryder, Tylas, Aanoriyen et Aldorn for accompanying me in to allow me to take all those screenshots, and Du'riel for the little pose with the Sleen. Small souvenir photo of the first 3!

In summary then, a new Litigation Zone that I find very pleasant for me, even if having strategies on the bosses would have been a plus. What did you think?

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