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Tonight the game was updated to version 1.4.5. This update does not add any content but fixes a number of issues including sounds, items, crafting interface, and some gameplay issues.


Alliance War


  • Fixed an issue where you could log into a non-Veteran campaign after switching to RV1. The next time you log in, you will now return to a secure area with a free campaign assignment.


Combat and Gameplay


  • Fixed an issue where you could run forward in a weird way while holding a recovery stick.


  • Aedric spear
    • Burning Shield (Sunshield Evolution)
      • Ranks II-IV now properly increase your strength when hitting nearby targets.
      • Fixed an issue where this skill would only damage a nearby enemy, instead of hitting all nearby enemies, if it dealt enough damage to kill its target.
      • Fixed an issue where this skill would sometimes deal twice its area of ​​effect damage.
      • Fixed an issue where other damage shields could be added to the blast value, especially in Tier II-IV.


  • Black magic
    • Crystal Shard: Fixed an issue where this skill would stun your target before even hitting it.


  • Recovery stick
    • Lifecycle: Fixed an issue where this passive would always increase your damage. We've removed the damage boost, and using this passive will now only increase your magicka recovery.


Crafts and Economy


  • Fixed an issue where messages from the Enchanting Servant were not granting the correct items.




  • Fixed an issue where you could lose the sound the character makes when just using the fast travel to Cyrodiil feature.


Exploration and Objects


  • Fixed an issue where Elite Gear Vendors in Cyrodiil would not sell RV13 Gear, RV14 Bows, or the Alliance Ice Staff.


Dungeons and Groups

Veteran Dungeons

  • Skullbrake as a Veteran
    • Fixed an issue where the quest "Bonds of Blood" would not consistently progress after defeating Praxin.




  • Cut the Bridges: Quest indicators for Daedric Portals will now appear on the world map.


Art and Animation


  • The Orcs of the Morkul clan in Contempt of Torog in Bangkorai are now fully dressed.
  • Fixed a minor performance issue related to visual effects.




  • Fixed an issue where your UI would not always display all four party members correctly after moving to the location of the party leader.
  • Your user settings will no longer be reset to default values ​​with each new update.


  • Fixed an issue where crafting windows would switch to lower quality material when changing material type.
    • For example, if you had the forge window open with the selected Dwemer Breastplate and Ingots, switching to Sabatons would change the material to Iron Ingots.
  • Added an error message if you attempt to extract a glyph but do not have enough inventory slot available to contain all of the potential items obtained after extraction.

Guild Shop

  • Searching for items in the Guild Shop will no longer display [eng] in front of each category.

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