SWTOR - Cartel Market: Opportunist Bounty Hunting Packs

This article will take you through the latest Cartel Pack released, the Opportunist Pack. Last on the list for Bounty Hunt Supply Drums. Plus, he's coming out in the middle of the Bounty Hunting Week event! What apropos! But before we speculate on the next class that will offer the skin for the next series, let's already see what is in this one.


Wondering why this image from the timeline to illustrate this Cartel pack? This is because the character on the left sees his outfit join the lore armor of the game. Ulic Quel-Droma, Dark Jedi or Sith Lord depending on the point of view. Originally from Alderande, he was named number two in a Sith army by the ghosts of the ancient Dark Lords who had preceded the Emperor, Marka Ragnos (see previous pack) in the lead, and had managed to gain the respect of the legendary Mandalore the Conqueror and made him his most trusted lieutenant. But he died as a Jedi knight, and never had any connection with the Empire. Its classification is therefore politically complicated.


There is no other lore outfit, so let's move on to the now usual cybernetic armor. This series is the 917, and suggests big guns under the mechanics. Unless you were content with the first modifiable blasters you collected.


Although men can also put it on, ladies the sensual dress will put your eyes in value. Sorry ? Yes, I did say your eyes. Why, were you thinking of anything else?


Still in dresses, let's move on with magnificent, well-styled copies and ... Pardon? Do you prefer armor to dresses? I admit, too.


But for a good cause, I have to present this one to you anyway! You will be accused of working for peace with it! No ? Nevermind.


So here is your armor, bounty hunters. Energized and galvanized. With that, you will be able to make many holes in your targets.


And for your formal evenings, don't forget a little formal Tuxedo.


The Czerka corporation and the Balmorean Armories are proud to present their new corporate shirts to you. After the ones their rivals put on the market, they obviously didn't want to be outdone.


As for weapons, a whole set awaits you. Will you use them to make holes in the above-mentioned armor? Or will you prefer to use the cannons of your brand new personal fighter for the occasion?


Add to that the two new colors of crystals. It's ... how to put it? Uh ...


Normally, now I should tell you about vehicles and mini-farts, but I have to take a special detour. And yes, this pack presents us a Tatooïne range! A dewback, local mount, sand chariot and even a balloon that will remind you of the time spent waiting to retrieve datacrons. In case you managed to forget, this is a gift!



You recognize the brands of some of these speeders: Morlinger, Lhosan, Gurian, Rendili. But here is the new Ikas speeder series. And finally a new irradiated varactyl. If you ever come across him, remember that Darth Onidra is always looking for one.


On the mini-pets side, I suggest dropping on Manaan the one who had the idea to market gizkas in this way. Unless your astromechanical droid D6-S7 manages to burn it. Or let your real eat it all. Besides, what does a blurrg eat?


Finally, a few last toys are in the list. The Opportunist title, of course. Emotes. And the new colors brown and black, white and green, purple and white.


Now, one wonders which will be the next class to supply the Cartel market. Your opinion ?


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