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The final phase of the ESL One, which will determine the winners of the € 30, will take place on November 22 and 23. The eight qualifying teams were drawn and arranged in two groups of four teams. Only two teams will be able to participate in the final phase while the other two will be eliminated.

Note that the entire SK Gaming roster is made up only of spanish players.

  • group A
  • group B

 Meet your Makers

 Epsilon eSports

 MhSV eSports



 SK Gaming

 Planetkey Dynamics


The group stages will take place in GSL mode, that is to say that a team must win twice to qualify, a team loses twice, it is definitively eliminated. The first matches of each group will be:

  • group A
  • group B

 Meet your Makers VS  Legionnaires

 Epsilon eSports VS  MhSV eSports

 Fnatic VS  InGamouS

 SK Gaming VS  Planetkey Dynamics


You can follow all the fights, animated by NeometriX and FuriouSG_, on the Official website.

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