Moon of Madness - Between madness and dreams

In Lovecraft's universe, Cthulhu and the Dreamers are recurring themes. With Moons of Madness, you will be immersed directly in this universe so rich and so insane ... until you lose your mind ... Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!



You are Shane Newehart, Mars Engineer for the Orochi Manticore Company. You are on a research basis, tormented by your past and your nightmares. But nothing is rosy in space, especially on the red planet ... eaten away by the stain of an abyssal black. You will quickly realize that your expedition is much bigger than it seems, and that the dream may not be that intangible.

My opinion: the scenario of Moon of Madness revolves quite well around the work of Lovevraft and multiplies the references around the MMO "The Secret World", also edited by Funcom. My wacky theory is that this is closely related to the latter's catastrophe, transcending time and space.


Graphics & atmosphere

Far from being graphically unpleasant, however, the game has uneven textures. The Martian environment is quite beautiful and bewitching, the taint is also well represented ... but the base and some areas are a little too ... smooth. On the other hand, the atmosphere is sublimated by music and effects, sometimes supercharged, sometimes frightening.

Anguish is at every turn and you will jump more than once during this journey, taken by horrific and stressful visions. Visual and auditory references to The Secret World and the myth of Cthulhu are numerous and abound along your journey but do not go far enough to offer a true connection between these worlds.



The gameplay of this game is quite strange, so little is it in the end. The focal point of the latter is the bioscope that allows you to orient yourself, connect with technology, as well as track your goals and solve the various challenges and puzzles. The whole thing is wrapped up in a hallway game with a mini sense of freedom from time to time ... but quickly repressed by invisible barriers.

The other piece of gear you'll love most of all is your spacesuit that will keep you warm and alive as you go out on the Red Planet and its non-atmosphere. Although oxygen is not a real problem as there are unlimited "recharges" everywhere, you will have a gauge to recharge from time to time to increase your stress a little. Another problem: some of the mechanics presented are clearly underexploited and downright forgettable.

For example, a level is played on infiltration by manipulating cameras, but it will be much easier to wait than to do anything, all while passing quickly between the obstacles and the robotic guards who do not want you. not good. However, I must admit that the main story advancing mainly with content found in computers is still classic, but terribly effective, even if it is obligatory to the story.

Sometimes, during your moments of madness, you will be on your own and will have to solve logic-based puzzles, even if these are frankly not very demanding. The biggest difficulty will come from the scenes where you will have to play on the infiltration and the escape to survive.



Moons of Madness is an interesting game and has a pretty crazy and intense story driven by a really perfect atmosphere for this kind of game. Although a bit short (6/8 hours maximum) and a bit too easy for my taste, the pleasure of discovering this story and knowing its outcome is at the rendezvous. The big downside is unfortunately a little bland gameplay that does not really mar the gaming experience, but does not add much to it. I think fans will enjoy it, but the more critical players will be a little less tender.

Available on the Playstation Store, the Microsoft Store as well as on Steam

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