CoD: AW - Class of the week - Bal-27

Here is the first episode of the series Class of the week which will consist in offering you each week a personalized weapon class by me. For this first episode, I suggest the Bal-27 class.


Weapons and accessories


Primary weapon: Bal-27

Primary weapon accessories:

  • Ergonomic handle: allows you to look through the viewfinder faster.
  • Front grip: limits the recoil of the weapon.
  • Large capacity charger: increases the capacity of each charger.

Secondary weapon: none




  • Asset 1: featherweight (allows you to run faster).
  • Asset 2: none.
  • Strengths 3: stealthy impulse (you don't get spotted when you use your Exo's movements), toughness (you flinch less when you get hit).


Exo-skill and launcher

  • Exo-skill: none
  • Exo-launcher: Semtex (time explosives).




  • Joker 1: Thirst for trumps 3 (allows you to take a second trump 3).
  • Joker 2: Main over-equipped (allows you to take a third main weapon accessory).
  • Joker 3: none.




  • Dot Series 1: Drone (unmanned aerial vehicle that marks enemies on the minimap).
  • Point streak 2: strategic package (drops a package that contains a random streak bonus).
  • Point series 3: warbird (remotely piloted aerial attack vehicle).
  • Point series 4: none.

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