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We are meeting today to talk about Destiny but this time not to talk about the game as such, but about the community site Destiny4Players which has just opened its doors to players. To present it to you, I will not be alone but in the company of the couple of players who created the forum and who also take care of the Zombies Faktory YouTube channel. Here is a transcript of our discussion:

Hello, can you introduce yourself to our readers? Tell us about your experience in video games?
- Hello, I'm Lady, to briefly introduce myself I live near Geneva on the Swiss border and I work in the hotel industry. Regarding my experience as a gamer, well I immersed myself quite young in the world of Video Games by wanting at the time to follow my brother's example. By the way, for the record, my first game was, if I remember correctly, Final Fantasy 8 on PS1 at the time. Afterwards, with my studies, I stopped Video Games. Then, once it was completed, I got back to it and more particularly on FPS, which I really like. So I spent a lot of time on the Call of Duty franchise and also on the Zombies modes on offer. After, concerning Destiny, I fell in love with this game. At the beginning, I thought I had found a Halo like because it was done by Bungie. In the end, I was very curious about the game and now I'm a huge fan of it.
- Hi, so I'm Yoda. Regarding my experience in Video Games, well I have been a player since I was little. When I was younger, I was more of a casual player. And afterwards, thanks to the hours that my job offers me, I had more time to devote myself to this hobby. I am above all a big fan of sports games as well as of the Call of Duty series. It was with the arrival of Zombies mode in the franchise that Lady and I had the idea to launch our YouTube channel, the Zombies Faktory, which therefore bears this name because we mainly do Zombie. In addition, this experience on YouTube allowed me to discover a real passion for making videos and the world of editing. After, concerning Destiny, well you should know that before I was already a player of the Halo series and I was therefore directly seduced by the game. I was also able to get a key for the alpha of the game and since then I am totally a fan of this game.

Can you explain to me who exactly is behind the Destiny 4 Players forum? What motivated you to create it?
- Well you should know that in this project, we are perhaps the founders as such, but we are not the only contributors. You should know that Zombies Faktory is not just a YouTube channel for us. It is also a group of players who have known each other for over a year now for the most part. We share a real common passion for video games and we can therefore consider that it is all these people who contributed to the creation of the forum.
- As for our motivations concerning the creation of the forum and well to put it simply, it should be known that a lot of people left messages on our videos and on Twitter asking us for help to find players to play with them. So that's where the idea for this forum came from. Also, we find it a shame that players miss out on an important part of the game that is team play. This platform is therefore designed by players and for players. Because, moreover, it is all these people who make this community live.

So that's what inspired the name of the forum?
- Yes, because as the title Destiny 4 Players suggests, we wanted a platform for players where they could easily find play partners for missions requiring real teamwork.

How long did it take you to develop the forum?
- I would say two / three months as regards the preparation thus concerning everything which relates to the ideas which we had for the forum. As such, the development of the forum took two days, which is still less time.

What can you tell us about player feedback?
- Well we have to believe that there is a real general enthusiasm for the forum. At present, the forum has 930 members and more than 2000 posts. And that in just three days. So yeah, it really makes the players happy. And besides, we can count on our moderators who are mostly friends in our group of players and who really do a great job managing the forum.

What do you foresee in the future as an improvement for the forum?
- First of all, we would really like to have something professional in the future because unfortunately our knowledge of computers prevents us at the moment from producing such a rendering. We would also like to integrate the forum directly into a site that will be dedicated to our YouTube channel.

To conclude, what are your expectations for Destiny?
We can't wait to see the next DLC titled "The House of WolvesAnd we think the series will have a great long-term lifespan. One more thing: we still have a big announcement coming up for Destiny players so stay tuned!

A forum therefore full of promises for players desperately looking for partners for Raids or various Assaults.

In the meantime, to conclude this somewhat special article, I would like to thank LaDy and Yoda who gave me the pleasure of granting me this interview. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments. 

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