Destiny - April Update Preview

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For the April update, Bungie plans to increase the esteem ranks faster with activity. Here are some details:

Epic Assault:

  • 120 avant-garde esteem points
  • 60 on duty


  • 90 trial esteem points
  • Additional bonus per win
  • 45 faction point


  • Kill and Collect
  • 40 avant-garde esteem points
  • 20 faction equipped

Patrol missions:

  • scan, scout, vip target and corrupted
  • 50 avant-garde esteem points
  • 25 on duty

Prison of Veterans:

  • Level 41
  • 150 House of Punishment Esteem Points

Veterans Prison Challenge:

  • 100 point of esteem of the house of punishment.

The rewards you can get from Queen's Ire and Eris Morn packages do not change.


At the end of the day, PlayStation announces without warning us of the arrival of a new exclusive exotic sniper for its console on April 12! Its name: Zen Météore.


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