Destiny - Arms Day 04/05

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Pau Monfort
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Here is what Banshe-44, the Tower Armorer has to offer us this week.


Weapon test (do them to move up the ranks of the gunsmith)

  • Omolon FR1 prototype
    • Fusion rifle
    • Target: Vex minotaur
  • Omolon FR1 prototype
    • Fusion rifle
    • Target: goalkeepers
  • Omolon HC1 prototype
    • Revolver
    • Target: precision shots
  • Häkke Test-A
    • Pulse rifle
    • Target: precision shots
  • Häkke Test-A
    • Shotgun
    • Target: goalkeepers


Weapons on order for the next Arms Day (every Wednesday) for 2500 Lumens

  • Häkke Arminius-D: Automatic rifle
  • SUROS ARI-45: Automatic rifle
  • SUROS JLB-42: Rocket launcher
  • SUROS JLB-47: Rocket launcher
  • Häkke Jingukogo-D: Shotgun


Reminder of rewards thanks to the armourer's esteem

  • Rang 2
  • Rang 3
  • Rang 5
  • Susanoo for the arcane artist
  • Hole punch for the hunter
  • Immobius for the titan

Exotic Scout Rifle: Tlaloc

Exotic Auto Rifle: Deserted Land

Exotic Revolver: Ace of Spades

Quest for the Exotic Revolver: First Curse


Have a good week and good kills, Guardians!

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