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Bungie had promised us and it's done: Destiny update 1.1.1 has arrived. Here is the content of the patch notes for this update.

Perfect Destiny Dev Team


  • General:
    - Fixed an issue that caused ammo to drop after reviving. This was due to wearing armor having an upgrade allowing the player to carry more ammo.
    - Reduced the penetration rate of weapons with an improvement allowing them to pierce armor.
    - Fixed issue where PS3 / Xbox 360 demo items used older power values ​​They have been adjusted to normal levels.
    - The weapon information bubble "The Song of Ir Yût" now indicates the correct magazine capacity.
    - Loot Shot: A two second cool down phase has been added to the buff to avoid receiving extra muinitions while waiting for the ammo bricks to disappear.
    - The Darkcleave upgrade will inflict the desired damage to Hive Lookouts.
    - Instant Discharge will improve attack speed as described in its description.
    - The Roaring Thunder upgrade now has priority over the "The 4th Horseman" weapon information bubble.
    - Unlimited Burst: Fixed an issue that prevented the weapon upgrade from working properly when the trigger was held down.

  • Automatic rifles:
    - Reduced the basic damage of automatic rifles by 2,5%.
    - Reduction of the effective distance.

  • Pulse rifles:
    - Basic Pulse Rifle damage increased by 9,7%.

  • Revolvers :
    - Slight reduction in the effective distance.
    - Slight reduction in initial accuracy.

  • Fusion rifles:
    - The blast area of ​​the explosion cone of a fusion rifle is a little wider.
    - Reduced the amount of ammo at the start of the PvP game.

  • Shotguns:
    - Twice as much damage is dealt to fighters who are not Guardians (100% improvement).
    - Reduced higher distance values.
    - The extent of damage decreases earlier.
    - Reduced the amount of ammo at the start of the PvP game.


  • The Assaults:
    - The “Epic” Assault of the Week is now a matchmaking activity.
    - Assaults will repeat less in the matchmaking rotation for full squads.


  • General:
    - Players will now unlock all Programs (Domination, Shock, Carnage, Skirmish) at once when unlocking the Crucible.
    - A new notification will appear when Crucible modes are unlocked.
    - Crucible arenas will repeat less in the matchmaking rotation for full squads.
    - Guardians no longer drop heavy ammo when killed in PvP battles.
    - Guardians drop significantly less special ammo when killed in PvP battles.
    - At the end of the fight, the equipment received as a reward will now have a good power level.
    - Fixed audio not playing properly when a bullet kills them.

  • Event: The Iron Banner:
    - The Iron Banner now contains smaller rotating arenas.
    - The "Selective Aggression" contract can now be completed with headshots using Auto Rifles, Pulse Rifles, Scout Rifles and Revolvers.

Objects :

  • Fixed the issue that Xûr would not provide Legendary Engrams on certain days.
  • When the player's inventory is full, the “Crota's Fall” Raid emblem will now be sent to the post office clerk.
  • Weapon ammo (single-use items) will work correctly when the player's inventory is full.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players who deleted their characters from receiving the Acrobat Sparrow at Tess Everis in the Tower.

User interface:

  • Faction Ratings and Weekly Coins Storytellers are now displayed on the character's inventory screen.
  • In public areas, players will no longer see a notification appear when a player joins a squad.
  • Players will see an improvement in the notifications that appear when a teammate joins or leaves the team and squad voice channels.


  • Grimoire cards for combo weapons will be unlocked when Shock or Domination games are completed.
  • The “House of Wolves” card will be unlocked at the start of the “The Collective of Ishtar” story mode mission.
  • The “Guardian Abilities” card will be received when a player enters orbit.
  • The “Assault Sappers” card will be received at the launch of the “The Dilapidated Palace” Assault.
  • Completing "The Fall of Crota" now counts towards the stats of the "Introduction to Raids" card.
  • The “Ir Yût” Grimoire card will now unlock correctly.
  • The “Seat of the Guardian Spirit” card will unlock correctly.
  • Grimoire points have been corrected for the following cards:
    - Omnig'ul, the Will of Crota.
    - Ir Yût, Siren of Death.
    - Crota, Son of Oryx.
    - Awakening.
    - The Will of Crota.
    - The fall of Crota.
    - The Sword of Ascension.
    - The pantheon.
    - The Cosmic Collapse.
    - The cauldron.
    - The Force of Crota.
    - Specter Memory: Rasputin.
    - Specter Memory: Rasputin 2.
    - Ghost Memory: Hive 4.


  • The systems for patches and for download content have been improved.
  • The message to switch from trial to full version of the game on Xbox One no longer exits the game.
  • Network resistance to packet rearrangement is improved.
  • Some routers have been improved at the networking level.

Correction :

  • A problem was introduced in patch 1.1.1. He brings the Vex Exegesis to spawn less ammo in the magazine and in reserves in PvP mode:
    - This weapon has been affected by changes to Fusion Rifles as it is used as a secondary weapon.
    - We hope to fix this problem in a future update.

* So here are all the new features of this update, don't hesitate to share your opinion on this new patch with us.

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