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Since the recent Destiny update, a new type of rewards has appeared in the game, these are remarkable treasures. The remarkable treasures will allow you to collect cosmetic rewards (Spektar and Corrupt Armor), vehicles, chroma or alternatively esteem boosters (Avant-Garde, Trial or House of Punishment).

Currently there are four different ways that you can collect remarkable treasures, note that you will only be able to get three per week for free.

  • La first way to obtain a remarkable treasure and simply to log into the game once the reboot of the week is over, all you have to do is go get your reward from the post office clerk. If you do not have the opportunity to connect directly to the game, you will still be able to obtain this reward simply by inspecting one of your characters on the site or through the Destiny app.
  • Second way to obtain a remarkable treasure, complete a game of PvP for the week. Be careful if you do not participate in the match, you will not get your reward!
  • Third way to obtain a remarkable treasure, you will need participate in the level 41 Veterans Prison and therefore complete it entirely. You will therefore have to overcome the five rounds offered by Variks (Corrupted or Classic).
  • Last way to obtain remarkable treasures that may displease more than one of you, purchases from Everversum. You will indeed be able to obtain a remarkable chest. in exchange for 200 Argentum.


Do you plan to make remarkable treasures your new weekly ritual?

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