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Let's take a little tour of Alderande, and see the daily quests on behalf of GSI. First of all, go to ... bah Alderande, as we said, and activate the GSI terminal.

So here are five fresh quests, one of which is H2.

  • Recover, return, recycle
  • Weather forecast
  • Red giant
  • Antiques analysis
  • Trade secrets


Recover, return, recycle

You have to go to one of these two points:

Let's start by taking the Thranta from the Luurdes outpost

Go to the indicated area, you will have to find flowers like this:

Then all you have to do is launch the Seeker Droid above.

Once the three barrels have been found, return to the starting point to deposit them in the collection truck.

And of course the reward:


Weather forecast

Go to each of these four points to scan the towers there.

Let's start with the closest to the starting point, number 1 on the map. Short taxi ride to the Duvaal outpost

At the point indicated, take out your macroscope and analyze the top of the great tower to the east.

Let's move on to point 2. Take the taxi to the Luurdes outpost.

Once you get to the place, scan the top of the tower.

For the third point, take the Thranta for the Alde House Library.

At the indicated location, once again scan the tower to the east.

For the last point, take the Thranta from the Hurne Outpost.

A short walk to the side of the indicated place, and you have the tower just in front:

Then all you have to do is send the data to the GSI, and take the reward.


Red giant

As for the previous mission, we will have to go to four points on Alderande, but this time to locate a giant red Thranta.

If you are lucky, the first location will be the correct one. Otherwise you will have to do each point until you meet the giant thranta.

Once the big bug has been found, all you have to do is transmit the data and collect your reward.


Antiques analysis

For this quest, we will have to bring out the research droid, and find Kiliks weapons to analyze them. Five research points are available on the map.

We will have to go in search of these objects

Did you think you were done? Oh bah no, that would be too easy. Now that you have these weapons, we will have to test them on the GSI Analysis Droids. Back to the starting point.

You will have four droids available to test these weapons (including some surprising effects;))

Once this is done, all you have to do is take the reward:


H2 Commercial Secrets

For this mission, it will be necessary to scan transmitters in order to locate a spy.

Meet at the Brilliant Star. Just above the taxi stand, you will see a giant antenna, you have to analyze it.

Take the taxi to the Landa outpost and go to this location:

Stand in front of the Maison Rist door and look up to the right.

I must have been lucky there, because I immediately located the spy, who is in House Rist. Enter through the door and go to the place indicated:

You find the industrial spy there, accompanied by two little friends.

No choice, will have to fight. Spy is not very difficult, and largely doable solo, but it is quite annoying with its mediscans that you have to interrupt if you don't want the fight to last long.

Once on land, you can take your reward.



And that concludes this focus on the daily quests of Alderande. Subject to modifications as and when discoveries.

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