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Yesterday was a Bungie live dedicated to one of Destiny's new Assaults titled Shield Brothers (you can also read our full summary). This new mission was an opportunity for players to see the new supers of the expansion The Taken King in action and learn more about them. In this article, we will therefore focus on the doctrine of the Arcanist, Stormcaller.

This new doctrine for the Arcanist is related to Cryo-Electric burns and will allow the player to send a lightning storm on enemies. So here are the details we have on this Doctrine:

Talent Tree

  • Grenades :
    • Pulse Grenade : this grenade deals damage continuously to enemies within its blast radius.
    • Storm Grenade : this grenade is used to summon a small lightning storm in the area where it was thrown.
    • Lightning Grenade : this grenade sends an electric beam at nearby enemies.
  • Jumps:
    • Agility : increases your movement speed as well as the maximum height of your jumps.
    • Concentrated control : improves the jump for better directional control when in the air.
    • Concentrated explosion : improve the jump to have an initial speed boost.
    • Balanced jump : improves jumping in order to have both improved speed and maneuverability.
  • Super :
    • Storm trance : vou send electric rays (lightning) with your hands.
    • Landing : when summoning your Super, you send lightning bolts to the ground causing a devastating shock wave around you.
    • Driver : you can shock more enemies with a single bolt of lightning during your Super.
    • Ionic flashing : gives you the option to teleport during your Super.
  • Melee:
    • Thunder clap : isn Delivers an electric shock at an enemy further away.
    • Chain lightning : electrocutes an enemy near the one you hit.
    • Amplitude : Thunderclap's range is improved.
    • Storm increase : You recharge your Super, abilities, and melee energy faster with Thunderclap.
  • Active capacities 1:
    • Pulse wave : when seriously injured, it triggers a Pulse Wave that increases your speed and that of your allies.
    • Backfire : when you receive melee attacks, it recharges your Thunder Clap and intensifies its power.
    • Transcendence : When the energy of your grenades and melee attacks is at its maximum, your Super gives you life back and lasts longer.
  • Active capacities 2:
    • Electrostatic mind : your Super recharges faster when your allies are close. Enemies near you when you activate your Tempest Trance take damage.
    • Electrical network : Enemies damaged by your Lightning Grenade send a lethal bolt at nearby allies.
    • Perpetual charge : Grenade kills recharge your melee attack. Kills with your melee attack recharge your grenades.


So that's all there was to know about this new Arcanist doctrine!

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