Destiny - Weekly Activities 17/05

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New week and new challenges await Guardians in Destiny!


Dark night : The Shield Brothers


Epic: Your enemies are heavily armored and spawn in huge numbers.

Cryo-Electric Burn: Cryo-Electric damage is significantly increased, regardless of its source.

Conjurer: No ammunition is dropped for the equipped weapon.

Aegis: More enemies benefit from shields.

Catapult: Grenade cooldown is greatly increased.

Oryx Raid Challenge : the war priest

Video tutorial by the Zombies Faktory:

Oryx Court : The boss of the obsolete rune this week is Balwur.


Challenges for veterans

Prison bosses 42

  • Round 1: Pitiful Knight
  • Round 2: Kelsis, the betrayed
  • Round 3: Supreme Spirit Minotaur


Fresh Blood: Some groups of enemies have received reinforcements.

Conjurer: No ammunition is dropped for the equipped weapon.

Point bonus: precision kills.


Variks contracts

  1. Riot Control: Kill 6 Champions in Prison 41/42.
  2. Right On The Line: Kill 75 enemies with precision shots in the 41/42 Prison.
  3. Shadow Boxing: Kill 30 enemies with Abyss Abilities in the 41/42 Prison.


Queen's Ire Contract

  1. Kill those wanted: Baroness Grayris on Venus.
  2. Kill those who are consumed: kill 12 corrupted with a proper name.
  3. Kill Them All: Kill 100 Corrupted.


Lord Shaxx's Contracts

Individual achievement: win 2 games with 1500 points.

Make a difference: win 7 games

Battle of the Crucible: Win a game in Domination, Defense, and Rift mode

Featured Game: earn 5 points in a daily or weekly event (1 victory = 3 points and 1 loss or tie = 1 point).

  • Rifles and revolvers: get 10 kills with each of these weapons
  • Automatic rifle
  • Pulse rifle
  • Scout rifle
  • Revolver

The True Meaning of War: Complete 5 Shaxx Contracts

Shaxx Contracts available from the Crucible Brigadier

Auto Shot: Complete 3 matches with 6 Auto Rifle kills.

Well placed shot: play 3 games with at least 6 revolver kills.

Auto Shot Pro: Complete a match with 9 or more Auto Rifle kills.

Well-placed Shooter Pro: Finish a game with at least 9 pistol kills.


PvP Mode of the Week : Zone control


May the loot be with you Guardians!

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