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This article contains revelations on some quests in the game.

In anticipation of 3.0 and his clash against Revan and his faction, the Massively site has compiled all of the references and appearances the character has made in The Old Republic before. You can find the original article at the bottom of this article. And for those rather resistant to English, here is the spanish version. Be careful, if you haven't done these quests, you will find yourself facing spoilers.

The first mention is on Dromund Kaas, the imperial capital. During the quests of the planet, the imperial players are invited by the apprentice of a powerful Sith to infiltrate a sect with dissenting ideas from those advocated by the Dark Council. What the latter obviously consider illegal. This sect was formed by taking as an example an idealized Revan, and its members took the name of Revanites. So you have to prove yourself to them in order to know their hierarchy and then betray it or remain faithful to it (but you are then charged with a mission that prohibits any contact with the rest of the order). Note that Dark Fleshy, the Sith whose apprentice asks us to investigate can be found on Corellia, still as an Imperial player. But he makes no mention of this Revanite affair.

After finishing Chapter 1, Republic side this time, we are offered the set of two contentious areas Taral V and Maelstorm Prison. The ghost of a former Jedi master (Meetra Surik aka the Exiled the heroine of the game KOTOR II) who was close to Revan came to talk to Jedi master Oteg about a prisoner in one of the worst imperial prisons that could do change the course of the war. A prisoner whom she helped for a long time not to sink into madness but she is reaching the end of her capacities. Oteg therefore prepares an attack to organize his release. And the prisoner turns out to be finally Revan, stuck in a stasis crate that has allowed him to keep a relatively young age (compared to the 300 years they accuse) ... Note that in all this, Master Oteg n never knew who they were really looking for.

The escape of such an important prisoner cannot be left so unpunished. Warned of the danger, it is Darth Malgus who is in charge of a response. He has learned that Revan is already in the process of deploying a plan against the Empire. He took refuge in a former rakata factory with a Republic fleet to protect him. At the same level of play on the imperial side, the Sith responsible for the disputed areas sends in Boarding Team a commando to seize a Republican cruiser which will allow them to pass the first defenses of the Foundry. Revan planned to create an army of droids who would assassinate any pureblooded Sith they came across, these occupying a large number of key positions in the Empire and their loss would certainly cripple him. But he has not yet recovered from his detention and can not face the imperial commando. Only a large explosion allows him to escape. Many believed him dead at the time.

It wasn't until recently that Revan made an appearance again. During the Forged Alliances Flashpoints, the Revanites have made a comeback. They are now extended to the two factions, Republic and Empire. Spurred on by a new leader, they are everyone's enemies. And who is this new leader? Nothing less than Revan himself. Theron Shan and Lana Beniko, agents from both camps, clearly identified him. He will be the big bad for the next expansion 3.0: Shadow of Revan.

Massively also does a bit of speculation with the Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior. These two classes are related to the Emperor, who himself is related to Revan. Didn't he use it as a source of visions for three centuries (see the novel Revan)? And weakened as he has been in these two stories, he really needs a new body to own. Many are speculating as to whether he would not manipulate Revan into turning him against his former allies. Really ? But only by playing the next expansion will we be able to find out.

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