Battlefield 4 : Netcode

The community knows it very well: the Battlefield 4 netcode is a very sensitive subject. However, Dice today lists the existing problems related to the netcode, those that will be corrected but also those that have been corrected.

To begin with, let's talk about what has already been fixed:

  • The headshot icon has been made part of the game. Shortly after its appearance, this icon was corrected so that it would no longer be displayed by explosions or death from falling.
  • The sound of bullet holes has been corrected. Sometimes players did not hear as many bullet sounds as they received. The rectification took place on February 13 on PC and will soon arrive on other platforms.
  • A collision bug has been fixed, preventing players from shooting past broken objects, such as Zavod's fireplace once it has fallen.
  • An important correction has been made at the level of the individual card. This caused some players to appear at 0 health when the server was rejecting some of the damage dealt.
  • In normal mode, the reticle would sometimes disappear, also causing the markers to disappear. This issue was related to the deployment of certain gadgets.

Since January 31, two new icons have appeared in the ATH.

 This first icon indicates high latency between you and the server. Do not forget to favor geographically close servers if this icon appears too frequently.
This icon appears in the event of packet loss. Packet loss is common, so this icon will appear every now and then, there is no need to worry. On the other hand, if it appears too frequently, there may be a problem. This will result in the game in an acceleration of the action in order to catch up with the lost data.

Dice plans to correct several more problems:

  • The Rubber Banding will be fixed with the optimization of the servers. Eventually, this should fix a number of screen customization bugs and packet loss. Dice continues to collect data to address this issue.
  • The timing of player death is an issue that cringes many players. This issue is related to the death camera showing up before the client shows the damage taken, making players feel like they are dying prematurely. This issue is related to the timing of the blood effects, damage indicator and health display issues in the ATH, so the set should be fixed at the same time.
  • Many players know that it is possible to die while walking or running in the game. This bug is related to a mathematical problem in the management of physics. 

The February 13 update included lines of code to identify an issue with failure to account for damage. Dice therefore collects data to correct this problem quickly. Finally, although some players asked if the Tickrate was going to be increased, Dice replied that it was not planned but that they were looking into the possibility of doing so.

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