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Summerset is the all-new chapter of Elder Scrolls Online, available May 28 for PC and June 5 for console.

Summerset allows us to discover the Isle of Summers, the homeland of the High Elves ruled by Queen Ayrenn. The Sovereign has decided to open the borders to foreigners, which allows everyone, including my character Khajit, to enter these forbidden lands that very few people could visit until now, let alone s 'install there.

The story of Summerset confronts us with an alliance between Daedra who try to take over the island. Among other things for that matter, because there is also a very old race, the Soald of the seas that everyone thought was permanently banished from Nirm, who are back to also invade the island. Don't get me wrong though, the storyline is really good and offers plenty of quests, count several hours of play just to complete the main quest.

It is via the Soald that we are entitled to geysers, the equivalent of Molag Bal anchors that we meet in other regions. The latter ask to face cohorts of enemies until a boss appears. It will then be necessary to bring it down to be able to destroy the orb activating the geyser and thus, not only to close it, but also to recover rewards! As with anchors, different bosses exist.

Other than that, the game offers its share of dungeons, Sky Shards, Group Public Dungeons, and Quests.

There are two group public dungeons in the area, each with its own set of bosses to defeat (some very tough!), Quests and things to discover. The solo dungeons are also part of the game and are larger, a bit labyrinthine, and with a very different architecture than what you can find in other areas.

Quests are also great. I find, on a very personal basis, that the writing is more interesting and the plots more worked out than what we have seen in Morrowind for example. It contains a bit of everything, family problems, murder investigations, disappearances and even time travel!

Daily quests are also present, with always a large choice of missions, from a contract to kill public bosses outdoors as well as recovery missions for items that can be in dungeon or in the open world.

But Summerset also adds 2 major novelties: a new profession and a new skill line. The new profession, jewelry, allows you to make your own jewelry (necklaces and rings) with a similar operation to other equipment-making professions (researching traits, dismantling objects, improving them, etc.)

The new skill line is the psijic line that allows you to acquire new active and passive skills as well as an ultimate spell. The spells are really very nice and can bring a little novelty to the gameplay of any class and role.

All in all, Summerset is a very good expansion. It will offer many hours of play (easily several dozen) just for the quests and the main story. If you are a new player, you can definitely start the game with Summerset as zones are no longer frozen for a range of levels.

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