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In their last article, Zenimax finally unveils the names of the actors who will play the voices of the main characters of TESO. Whether it is the actors in original version, or their spanish understudy, the quality of the voice over promises to be of very high quality!

Here is an overview of the vocal casting (us and fr) for the key characters of TESO.

Alliance leaders

  • High King Emeric:   VO - Bill Nighy (Viktor in Underworld, Rufus Scrimgeour the Minister of Magic in Harry Potter 6); VF - George Claisse (spanish understudy of Anthony Hopkins and Emperor Palpatine)
  • Jorunn le roi Scalde: VO - Peter Stormare (Fargo) ; VF - Daniel Beretta (lining of Arnold Schwarzenegger)
  • Pure Ayrenn: VO - Kate Beckinsale (Selene in Underworld); VF - Laura Blanc (lining by Kate Beckinsale)


The protagonists of the main plot

  • The Prophet (first NPC in the game, who guides you through the main quest): VO - Michael Gambon (Dumbledore in Harry Potter); VF - Marc Cassot (Paul Newman lining)
  • Sir Cadwell (a lunatic that we meet in Ice Haven in the introduction): VO - John Cleese (in case you don't know him (shame on you ...) one of the main members of Monthy Python, also "R" in recent James Bond except the last one)
  • Azura (the famous Princess Daedra, patron saint of the Dunmer): VO - Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman in the 70s, Moira Sullivan in Smallville)
  • Sai Sahan (a nobleman, grand master of arms): VO - Kevin Michael Richardson (Sarevok in VO in Baldur's Gate 1); spanish version - Thierry Mercier (voice actor for Vin Diesel)
  • Lyris Titanborn (a Norse warrior trapped in Ice Haven): VO - Jennifer Hale (Leah in original version in Diablo 3)



  • Abnur Tharn (Archmage Chancellor of the Council of Elders of the Empire): VO - Alfred Molina (Doctor Octopus in Spiderman 2); VF - Bernard Lanneau (lining by Kevin Costner, Dennis Quaid & Alec Baldwin)
  • Mannimarco (King of Worms, necromancer lieutenant of Molag Bal): VO - Jim Ward (Tybalt Leftpaw in original version in Guild Wars 2)
  • Molag Bal (our sworn enemy ...): VO - Malcolm McDowell (Alex in A Clockwork Orange, Admiral Tolwyn in Wing Commander); VF - Paul Borne (lining by Lawrence Fishburne)


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