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Among the six types of crafts in TESO, we find cooking ... Many people wonder about the value of this profession and the fact of spending skill points to improve it. So let's try to see more clearly and understand what added value this profession can have, especially at a high level.

Basic principles

The cuisine is mainly divided into two sub-categories:

  • cooked meals (which increase the maximums health / magic / stamina)
  • les drinks (which increase the regenerations health / magic / stamina)

You can only keep the bonuses provided by one type of food, it is for the moment in any case not possible to combine a "dish" and a "drink" and have both effects at the same time on your character. (that can still change).

Recipes have levels but also qualities as with most items in the game. Quality is indicated by the color of the item. For recipes there are only three: green, blue and purple.

There are three types of dishes:

  • grilled (which increases the maximum vigor)
  • breads and pies (which increases max health)
  • soups and stews (who rides max magic)

Likewise, there are three types of drinks:

  • beers (which mounts health regeneration)
  • liquor (which rises vigor regeneration)
  • wines (which mounts magic regeneration)

The type of dish or drink will determine the secondary ingredients and the "aromatics " (high level blue and purple components) used.

The recipes differ from faction to faction. Indeed, there is a whole series of ingredients specific to each alliance, allowing to realize "regional" recipes but this also explains the very large number of ingredients, aromatics and condiments for this craft.

Indeed, there is in all over 110 different ingredients, some of which are common to all three covenants. it takes a total of 78 ingredients for a given faction which is already huge!

Recipes require:

  • Un primary ingredient.
  • Un secondary ingredient.
  • Un aromatic (IF the recipe is of superior quality, therefore blue).
  • Two condiments additional (IF the recipe is epic quality, therefore purple).


The evolution of recipes

There are many revenue levels from level 1 to 50 and veteran ranks. To be able to achieve them, you will need to take points in the skill "Improved revenue"(up to 6 points)." Standard "recipes, at any level, are green, which is the default quality.

In addition to the level, some recipes have better quality versions. These recipes are new recipes to learn, so you need to find them before you can make them.

  • Level recipes 10 to 35 exist in superior version "blue". The final name of the recipe remains unchanged, except for the addition of a qualifying adjective (enriched for grills and beers, fortified for pies and beers, invigorating for soups and wines). These recipes, unlike their basic version, require a third ingredient specific, which I call aromatics. These recipes provide bonus in TWO characteristics.
  • Level recipes 35 and beyond, in addition to the superior version, also feature an epic version "violets". The name of the recipe remains the same again, and the adjective used is"perfect"(consummate). These recipes not only use a third ingredient (flavor) but also TWO other condiments, leading to 5 the total number of ingredients for the recipe, and provide bonus in the THREE characteristics (health, vigor and magic).



From my explorations in the game, I was able to draw several tables. Some names were not yet translated (or my client was not in spanish at the time) so by default I mark the English names. Likewise, there remain some doubts concerning the allocation of certain ingredients to a particular faction (not being able to play at a high level in a given faction, it is only an extrapolation that will have to be confirmed at the exit from the game.

  • The primary ingredients are used for all types of recipes (grilled, pies, beer, etc.) and vary according to the level of the recipes. These ingredients, and the recipes that use them, are specific to each faction.
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • The secondary ingredients determine the type of recipe (toast, pies, beer, etc.) and vary with recipe improvement skill level and aresame for all factions.
  • The condiments are essential if the recipes are enriched / fortified / invigorating (blue) or perfect (violets). They vary according to the type of recipe (grilled, pies, beer ...).


The recipes

Here we are .... "At last but not least", here are some examples of recipes that can be found in TESO. If we consider that the more the recipes improve, the more bonus duration increases, as well as bonus value, And affected statistics. In the end, this makes real combat amphetamines!

Some examples :

  • Elsweyr fondue
    • faction: Aldmeri Estate
    • type: Soups & Stews
    • level: 25 (requires skill Improved recipes to 2)
    • quality: normal (green) (requires Recipe Quality skill at 1)
    • ingredients: primary: moon sugar, secondary: broth
    • effects : +186 to maximum Magicka for 35 minutes
  • Muscat of the Côte d'Or
    • faction: Aldmeri Estate
    • type: Wines
    • level: 25 (requires skill Improved recipes to 2)
    • quality: normal (green) (requires Recipe Quality skill at 1)
    • ingredients: primary: sparkling rock; secondary: grasa grape
    • effects : +7 Magic regeneration
  • Fortified Sweetbread :
    • faction: Aldmeri Estate
    • type: Breads & Pies
    • level: 10 (requires skill Improved recipes to 1)
    • quality: Fortified (blue) (requires Recipe Quality skill of 2)
    • ingredients: primary: Candy, secondary: Starch, condiment: Roux wheat
    • effects : + 91 to maximum Health AND Magicka for 1 hour
  • Enriched White Eye
    • faction: Aldmeri Estate
    • type: Spirits
    • level: 25 (requires skill Improved recipes to 2)
    • quality: Enriched (blue) (requires skill Quality of recipes at 2)
    • ingredients: primary: sparkling rock, secondary: mashed wheat, condiment: snowberry
    • effects : +5 Health AND Stamina regeneration for 1 hour


I must apologize for not having spanish names for the other factions ... my tests were done in the Aldmeri Domain ... Shame on me.

So, now that you know more, what do you think about the interests of the chefs in Tamriel?

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