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    ESO - Beta - The interface

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    As we were limited so far on the number of screenshots, we had not been able to go around the game user interface. I can finally catch up! TESO's interface is very minimalist as you will see. Before we start, I want to remember that the camera is linked to the mouse by default, which moves the aiming reticle. It is therefore not possible to access the menus directly with the mouse.

    • Out of combat
    • In combat
    • Game menus
    • Chat
    • 'Esc' menu


    Out of combat

    When walking around Tamriel, the interface is extremely limited. We only have the compass at the top, which allows you to locate nearby points of interest. Here the eye indicates that there is a place that deserves my intention. The other symbol just to the left indicates that there is a quest to return.

    On the right, I have the main quest that I am. The quest tracking interface is very limited because you can only put one quest here. By passing the mouse over an enemy (here a small bug), his life is displayed in red under the compass.

    If the monster is elite, there is no risk of missing it. It is indicated by a skull on the compass (as well as on the map) and its bar is markedly different from the others.

    If we sprint (shift key pressed), we have our Stamina bar (green on the right).

    If we camouflage ourselves (Ctrl key), an eye appears above our character, indicating whether or not we risk being detected.


    In combat

    As soon as we go into combat, whether by having attacked or by having attracted the attention of a monster while walking, spells appear, as well as the Health bar (red in the middle) and possibly Magic (blue). to the left).

    In the image above, we can see the use of telegraphs by the monsters. This red area represents a dangerous area where I will take damage if I don't move quickly!


    Game menus


    The inventory allows you to have the equipment worn by your character as well as the content of your bags. By default, we have 50 inventory spaces. And believe it, it fills up rather quickly! Thanks to the icons below the title, you can sort: everything, weapons, armor, consumables, materials, miscellaneous, quest and scrap.

    Character sheet

    The character sheet summarizes the characteristics of the character. All levels, we get 1 point to distribute in the attributes (Magic, Health and Stamina).



    The skills allow us to create our "build", ie the 5 active skills and the ultimate skill that we will use in combat for the equipped weapon. It may not seem like much but don't forget that we can change weapons in combat very early and thus engage in the bow with 6 skills to finish our target in contact with 6 new skills.

    In each tree, we can have the overview of all the skills, as well as the level already acquired (I am here 13 in Siphon) and a brief description on how to climb this tree by hovering the mouse over the experience .

    You can have as many skills as you have skill points, acquired by leveling up or finding Celestial Shards in the world.




    The journal provides access to quests, books and achievements. The quests are organized by type. I currently have quests from the area where I am (Glénumbria), as well as from the Mages and Warriors Guild. I know that there are also quests related to the story (given by the Prophet).

    The shortcuts below allow you to act on the selected quest, allowing in particular to put it in focus (T), which makes it appear on the right side of the interface. Clicking on M opens the world map centered on the quest in question.

    La Bookcases summarizes all the books found in Tamriel. When you come across a book (as below on the right), you cannot always read it on the spot (books tend to be found in places with bad reputations). Like that, if we don't have time but the history of the world interests you, we find it here to read it in peace!


    Finally, succès summarize the actions taken in Tamriel. It is possible to equip 4 achievements at the bottom of the interface but I do not know what this brings.


    Loyalty card

    We find the interface open from the quest log. The icons allow you to have, in order, the list of quests, the legend (players, oratory, wharf and caravan), filters (objectives, oratories, group members) and locations.

    If you hover the mouse over a place of travel, such as an oratory, you can teleport directly there. For the other places, we have information on what we did there or what remains to be done there.



    I group under this heading the 3 following windows which concern the groups, the contacts (friends / enemies) and the guilds (of players).

    The interfaces are quite clear and are sufficient on their own. Just a little explanation of the icons at the top of the group window. The modes are normal and veteran. On the role side, we have a bulwark, healer and killer. The group interface also allows you to launch a search.


    Alliance Wars

    The Mother Campaign is the campaign where we meet by default. The rankings are made according to alliances but also according to the class. On the score side, we find the number of forts, outposts, resources and scrolls held.

    Being only level 7, I could not go to Cyrodiil yet but once there, I could earn rank points.


    Mail, Notifications, Help

    The last menus allow you to be informed and to contact others.



    If you type "Enter" or you are in the game menus (where you can therefore use the mouse freely and go to the dedicated area), you access the in-game chat.

    Clicking on the icons above takes you directly to the mail, friends and notification windows.


    'Esc' menu

    It is possible to access the parameters using the key on the keyboard.

    All options


    If you ever do not see how it works or want more information on a window, do not hesitate! I am at your service.

    What element would you like to see from TESO?

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