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Le 9th April next, the crown store will appear four new pets who ask only to be loved and pampered.




Summoning a Deathbringer is easy, but controlling it… let's say that's another story. These vicious little Daedra aren't the most docile, constantly trying to escape to cause chaos and destruction. If you enjoy causing mayhem and destruction, he might be a great companion! Leave it outside if you plan to visit the tavern… friend advice.


Bravil Report Dog

This ruffled little beast will be your friend for life, especially if you share those chunks of meat you have there with her. Bravil's retrieval dog is a master at spotting and swimming, and he's pretty smart to top it off. It can be a little tricky to train, but it doesn't matter much when you spend your life on the road.



Want to put some playfulness in your life? The galopin is the ideal candidate! Mages attract these little Daedra from Oblivion every day and use them as messengers or to perform simple tasks. Keep an eye out for them - they tend to be confusing if left alone for too long!


Shepherd of Taillemont

The noble line of Taillemont shepherds is evident, even among its youngest representatives. This proud creature is bred for its strength, speed, and unwavering loyalty. Often employed as a guard dog, the shepherds of Taillemont will defend their master and his domain, sometimes at the cost of their lives. The greatest heroes would be proud to have one by their side.

Are you going to adopt one of these adorable creatures?

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