ESO - Dark Brotherhood: launch details

Dark Brotherhood is the next DLC game pack for Elder Scrolls Online.

Blood will flow. A guild of assassins is gaining strength in Tamriel, and your murderous skills have made you an ideal recruit.

The Dark Brotherhood is looking for effective killers and will send you to a new area: the Gold Coast. From the port city of Anvilheart to the great cathedral of Kvatch, the Dark Brotherhood's task is to sow death and chaos - and business is booming! Join the Brotherhood, enter their sanctuary and accept your first contract in the mysterious Black Tongue. Kill quickly and well, assassin!

Dark Brotherhood will be released on PC and Mac le May 31th, And then Xbox One et PlayStation 4 le June 14, 2016. To wait, it will be available on PTS (Public test server) during the day of April 26th.

The base game update accompanying Dark Brotherhood, available for free to all ESO owners, is also packed with new features and improvements.

Price details

As with the previous packs, Dark Brotherhood will be provided free of charge to all ESO Plus members. For non-members, the latter will cost 2 crowns in the Crown Store.

In addition, a pack Collector from Dark Brotherhood will also be available in the store, priced at 4 crowns. The latter will include:

  • Dark Brotherhood DLC game pack.
  • A mount: the highland wolf.
  • A familiar: Nyxade Sylvestre.
  • Five Crown Experience Scrolls.

Contents and functions of the paid pack

This next pack will add and modify a lot of things:

  • New guild: The Dark Brotherhood.
  • New zone: La Côte d'Or - available to all characters, regardless of level.
  • A new passive skill line tied to the Dark Brotherhood.
  • New quests and stories.
  • New repeatable activities
    • Bonus Quests: The Dark Brotherhood isn't the only group in the Gold Coast to reward your martial skills. Daily bounty quests await you in the towns of Anvilheart and Kvatch.
      • Accept these quests to conquer lairs, fight in the Kvatch arena, or defeat a monstrous Minotaur.
    • Assassination Contracts: Elam Drals, the humorously peculiar dark elf assassin who manages the Dark Brotherhood's accounts, keeps an accurate record of all those whose death is worth a few gold coins.
      • Travel all over Tamriel to assassinate designated targets or cause bloodshed on behalf of the Dark Brotherhood.
    • Sacrament Quests: The Black Tongue Terenus, an agent of the Black Hand, lurks in the shrine of the Gold Coast and offers the most sacred missions to the assassins of the Dark Brotherhood.
      • Enter secure underground lairs to kill targets summoned by the Dark Sacrament. Avoid guards, clear traps and complete bonus objectives in order to achieve the highest level of prestige and rewards.
  • New questline: Litany of Blood
  • Two new dens
    • The cave of Hrota.
    • Garlas Agéa.
  • Two new world boss encounters
    • The Kvatch Arena.
    • Limenauruus the Minotaur to the Madness of the Tribune.
  • New equipment and unique craft styles
    • New personality: Assassin.
    • Three new sets of craftable items.
    • Three new sets of items to collect at the Gold Coast.
    • Two new costumes to collect by completing the quests in the Gold Coast.
    • Two new Mementos.
    • A new polymorph.
    • A new tincture: Viridian Venom.
  • A new style of crafting related to the League of Assassins.
  • New music.

Free Update Contents and Features

As with each release of a downloadable pack, a free update also bringing its share of changes and additions is born.

  • The removal of veteran ranks.
  • The creation of poison.
  • The display can be activated for the names of characters.
  • Display of names on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
  • Locking objects to prevent accidental disassembly.
  • Improvements and new features for the group tool.
  • New items and features in the Crown Store.
  • Craft bags for storing unlimited amounts of materials - Reserved for ESO Plus members.
  • Improvements and adjustments to item traits.
  • Continuous performance improvements in Cyrodiil.
  • Upgrade and rebalance of the event: Sanctum Ophidia as well as the addition of Normal and Veteran mode.
  • Combat and gameplay skill balancing improvements, including Warrior Guild, Vampire, and Stamina skill lines.
  • Redesigned content for Cyrodiil vendor shops.
  • Nine revamped Sanctum Ophidia item sets.
  • Two new styles of crafting
  • And other miscellaneous modifications.

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