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Want to learn more about the history of Tamriel? That's good, the official site offers us a regular column, the Archives of the Master of Knowledge, highlighting aspects of the world through the eyes of archivists and other enlightened figures. We can also discover extracts taken directly from books of The Elder Scrolls Online.

  • Phraste of Elinhir tells us about living dead and the threat they pose to Tamriel thanks to a still unknown book, The Insane Legions.
  • Learn more about mundus stones thanks to the study of Lady Cinnabar of Taneth. She returns in particular to the nature of their magic. If you would like to know more about the location of the Mundus stones, you can contact our guide which lists the bonuses and the locations of the 13 different stones.
  • Sage Svari gives us a detailed account of the threat werewolf. In the second part, it answers the many questions that we are entitled to ask ourselves about these creatures as mysterious as they are frightening.
  • former Arcane Master ivayth Fyr discusses with us the nature of Mephala, the inexplicable benefactor.
  • Telenger the artificer shared his latest theory on the power of language and words. He develops the links between his postulate and the enchantment, and answers some of our questions on this subject.
  • Madame Firilanya, a famous backpacker, has traveled the trade routes of Tamriel providing quality materials and subtle anecdotes. Discover some of his texts: the fashion under the gaze of a merchant.
  • Azadiyeh the Unveiled, Redguard scholar and historian, shares her knowledge of Redguards of Martelfell.
  • Phrastus of Elinhir, illustrious scholar of the Second Era, presents us with a new book rich in lessons on the Aedra and Daedra.
  • The abbot Crassius Viria of the Order of the Ancestral Moth presents us with his new knowledge on theinterpreted soul and then answers questions about the soul, death and what lies ahead on the other side.
  • Thendaramur Morte-Fleur is a fervent worshiper of Boethia, the prince of plots that he presents to us in his new book. The purposes of this mysterious being often remain unclear although he often calls for rebellion, murder and destruction.
  • Sparkle Aicantar, sapiarch of indoctrination, responds to requests from a citizen khajiit enthusiastic and gives some answers on the Thalmor of the Second Era.
  • Flaminius Auctor, General of the Guild of Warriors of the Province of Cyrodiil, presents us today with a book that is both instructive and educational: thwart Daedra cults.
  • Gwaering, the Green Lady, presents a book written about her experience. Discover in these pages the manifestation of the primordial side of the Bosmers, and the answers that the Lady herself brings to your questions.
  • Vice-Canon Heita-Meen tells us about the recent history of Argoniens, those unlikely allies of the Dunmer and the Nordics in the Ebonheart Pact.
  • Turuk Rougegriffes, one of the fiery and daring founders of Indomitable, explains in his autobiography how the guild came to be.
  • Kireth Vanos, talented craftswoman and scholar keen on the fact dwemer, tells us about his studies on ancient texts and assemblages in the hope of one day understanding the artisanal secrets of this extinct race.
  • The lunar episcope Hunal tells us about Khajiits in his latest book, Le Sentier et la Marée.
  • Chancellor Abnur Tharn talks about his latest history book dealing with slave rebellion Alessiens and the fall of the Ayleids.
  • Arthénice Belloq, former slave of the Crevassais, explains their nature and customs to us.
  • Telenger the Artificer comes back to us with new theories on filthy Sloads of Thras.
  • The high-astrologer Caecilus Bursio presents a new history book on the Songs of the Stars and answer your questions.
  • Sister of the Moth Terran Arminus has received your questions about Scrolls of the Ancients, and shares their knowledge.
  • The notable guardian of guars Esqoo de Dhalmora answers your questions about the breeding and training of guars.
  • The Dragon of Blades was able to send us some information regarding the resistance from the besieged city.
  • Every craftsman needs raw materials, and Pacrooti is always ready to help. Learn more about crafts, the Woodcraft and the acquisition of materials.
  • Are you concerned about the effect the current Daedric invasion will have on Tamriel in the long run? Gabrielle Benele looks into the matter.
  • Chancellor Abnur Tharn has agreed to answer your questions on the latest imperial political decisions as well as on the future of the imperial city.
  • Dame Clarisse Laurent, famous amateur archaeologist, discusses the subject of ancient Tamrielian cultures.
  • Dame Honnorah af-Lahreq, renowned for her essay on Yokudan steeds, took the time to answer your questions about tamriel mounts.


The next issue will be about Bosmers and their culture!

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