ESO - Mounts in TESO (1.6)

Following the major update 1.6, the operating system of the mounts has been revised. And, since the move to Tamriel Unlimited, new mounts have also emerged in the world of Tamriel.



Mounts have a total of three main characteristics.

  • Speed: increases the speed of your mount by up to 60%.
  • Vigor : Increases your mount's Stamina, allowing it to sprint longer and take more damage before knocking you off, up to a maximum of 60.
  • Capacity : Increase your carrying capacity (inventory) to a maximum of 60.

These can be upgraded to the grooms once every 20 hours (real time) and by means of 250 gold. Evolution allows you to increase a characteristic of 1 points.

Since update 1.6, horses all share the same characteristics which means that if you have multiple mounts, adding a point in one characteristic of one mount will automatically add it to another. However, even if the mounts are now linked to the account, the characteristics of the latter are linked to the characters.


The frames

There are several ways to get a mount in Elder Scrolls Online, namely from the grooms, usually located in each city and also in the Crown Store. In addition, horses are no longer the only ones able to serve as faithful and proud steeds.


Basic mounts

  • Chestnut Horse - 10 gold.
    • A tough and balanced beast. Any, but very reliable.

  • Dun Horse - 42 gold.
    • This energetic mount is highly regarded by scouts on the battlefield for its speed and agility.

  • Midnight Charger - 42 gold.
    • A mount capable of maintaining a constant pace over long distances. His morale is never low.

  • Pinto Marron - 42 gold coins.
    • Often employed by farmers and merchants, this muscular horse is strong and patient.


Crown Store Mounts

  • Nightmare Cavalry - 2 crowns.
    • The origin of this horrific mount is obscure, but some believe they recognize the hand of Mérunès Dagon.

  • Guar striped magazine - 1 crowns.
    • A race of guar bred for war, capable of carrying an armored warrior in battle.

  • Gray yokudan charger - 900 crowns.
    • These chargers are the descendants of the great gray war horses of the Ra Gada.

  • White maned horse - 900 crowns.
    • A rare and highly sought after cross between a Midnight Charger and a Skyrim Ice Horse.

  • Magpie Charger - 900 crowns.
    • Robust and vigorous, this steed is known for its courage and tenacity.

  • Guar pavé - 900 crowns
    • A robust and versatile Guar, at home in swamps and ashen lands.

  • Palfroi dappled gray - 900 crowns.
    • Sleek and intelligent, this horse is a favorite among Cyrodiil nobels.

  • Palomino Horse -
    • Beautiful, strong and fast, the palomino is the preferred frame of messengers and athletes.

  • Imperial Horse - Imperial Edition / 2 crowns Imperial Edition upgrade.
    • Brash and wild, this Imperial stallion will only respond to a competent master.


Special frames

  • Striped Senche - Loyalty Reward 300 Days.


What is your favorite frame? Have you ever fallen for a frame available in the Crown Store?

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