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The official site tells us a little more about crafts. While most of the information detailed here is already known, there is still some interesting new information.

Summary of information:

  • The cooks can find food and drink recipes all over Tamriel. They must have a recipe to create the corresponding dish.
  • The enchantings and alchemists must instead experiment by combining different runes or ingredients to discover their properties.
  • The blacksmiths, tailleurs et woodworkers do not have to search for recipes or experiment. They can, however, research new traits to associate with their creations by dismantling items. Finally, they will be able to improve the quality of objects thanks to the enhancers that they are. the only ones who can get.
  • Learning all the traits of all weapons and armor will take a considerable amount of time, requiring many craftsmen to specialize in a particular way.
  • Several craft disciplines allow you to hire a servant by spending points on a skill. This servant will regularly send you useful materials as well as accounts of his adventures.
  • Anyone can harvest materials, but only those who invest points in crafting skills can learn how to get the most out of resource refining and item dismantling.
  • Craftsmen can learn to locate resources at a great distance of the world, far beyond those without adequate training.
  • There are secret workshops hidden all over the world. It is said that powerful set bonuses will be granted to items crafted in these locations.
  • It exists 15 different racial styles to learn from blacksmiths! Racial styles can be learned from special books that are discovered during explorations and adventures.
  • With the right tempers, tannins, or resins, a blacksmith can improve the quality of an item, up to legendary level. Blacksmiths who spend points in their skills will have better cways to optimize their equipment with these enhancers than those who do not.
  • Make sure to speak with the NPCs. Some may have cooking recipes to share with you.
  • Alchemists can discover the first of four properties of an ingredient just by tasting it. The others will have to be discovered by experimenting while creating potions.
  • Using the right ingredients, an alchemist can create extremely powerful potions with many beneficial effects.
  • The language developed for the Enchantment is based on syllables with a specific meaning. Each runestone is engraved with the symbol of one syllable, and each glyph (the combination of three runestones) has its own pronunciation.

As we had already guessed, crafting will be almost indispensable in the game. In addition, the increasing difficulty in researching new traits for weapons and armor will force many craftsmen to specialize in a particular path.

In short, a lot of work for future craftsmen. And you, which profession (s) will you choose?

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