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The Crown Store is getting bigger and bigger and new items have been added. However, be careful, some of them are limited in time!


Temporary offer

Introduced a few days ago, a brand new mount has appeared in the Crown Store. However, the latter will only be present until April 20 for the megaserver American and April 21 for the European megaserver. This mount will cost 2 crowns.


Craft Pattern

Crafting patterns can now be purchased. It will be possible to buy them either separately or as a set. It should be noted that these purchases are not can only be used once and only valid for a single character.

Lot :

  • Pattern Pack: Races of the Alliance (500 Crowns)
  • Pattern Pack: Estate Races (500 Crowns)
  • Pattern Pack: Pact Races (500 Crowns)
  • Pattern Pack: Rare Races (5 Crowns)

Individual reason:

  • Crown Motif: High Elf (200 Crowns)
  • Crown Motif: Ancient Elf (1 Crowns)
  • Crown Motif: Argonian (200 Crowns)
  • Crown Motif: Barbarian (1 Crowns)
  • Crown Motif: Wood Elf (200 Crowns)
  • Crown Motif: Breton (200 Crowns)
  • Crown Motif: Daedric (1 Crowns)
  • Crown Motif: Dark Elf (200 Crowns)
  • Crown Motif: Dwemer (5 Crowns)
  • Crown Motif: Imperial (5 Crowns)
  • Crown Motif: Khajiit (200 Crowns)
  • Crown Motif: Nordic (200 Crowns)
  • Crown Motif: Orc (200 Crowns)
  • Crown Motif: Primal (1 Crowns)
  • Crown Motif: Redguard (200 Crowns)



From now on, it will be possible to respecialize and get married through the Crown store.

  • Skill Respecialization Scroll (700 Crowns)
  • Attribute Respecialization Scroll (700 Crowns)
  • Oath of Mara (1 Crowns)


What do you think of these store additions and temporary offers?

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