Exposition Castlevania

Arrived 1 hour before the start of the exhibition on Castlevania at the last Bar before the end of the world (Paris), I succumbed with a friend to the temptation to start tasting my favorite cocktail: the Death Star (to be consumed in moderation ^^). Suddenly, what happened to me afterwards at the end of this long evening is for me only vaporous mists and demonic temptations.

The Count was present at the entrance and everywhere else to welcome the guests:

At 19 p.m., my brain was still functioning normally and my footsteps led me from room to room to discover a magnificent conceptual image.

There in a satanic painting.

And finally here a nest of stray bats, only waiting for nightfall to bite innocent victims.

On the occasion, waiters offered many sweet and alcoholic food to the guests of which I was one, surely in order to make us much more sensitive to the temptations that awaited us. I thus met mysterious characters whose names escaped me but whom you will surely recognize.

A few minutes (or hours later, I do not remember), other activities of presentation (integration) of this mysterious world were presented to us via a certain Dave Cox (producer of the game) who answered many questions from the public , however, keeping a little sidelong glance that said a lot about the whole part he wanted to keep secret until February 25, the official date of the start of hostilities.

And that's when I unwittingly attended a dark ceremony, the mists invaded me, chaos filled my mind and ....

I only recovered from this oppression on my train, on the way home. No memory of this late evening except for mysterious marks on my face and on my neck ...

If you want to know more about the universe of Castlevania, I invite you to go to the Last Bar before the end of the world before March 3, 2013 and / or to play the video game Castlevania Lord of Shadow 2 from February 25 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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