FFXIV - 13 tips to gain experience

This is the big day ! Today you will finally be able to set foot on the ground éorzéen and survey the vast universe of FFXIV : ARR. What better way to start than tips for easily gain experience ? Here are 13 that should definitely help you increase your level of main class faster. Please note, I will only speak here of Disciplines of Magic and War, even if some tips are valid for Disciplines of the Hand and the Earth (trades).


Tip # 1: Kill monsters

At level 1, it is advantageous to leave the city to kill the low level monsters lurking. You can go up to level 3 or 4, or even 5, simply by killing monsters, and taking advantage of the chain bonus which will increase your experience gains when you kill monsters of a level equal to or higher than yours.

For players who have pre-ordered the game, don't forget to equip your Bonnet Mog!


Tip # 2: Improve your equipment

It is important to be able to improve your equipment in order to progress faster. Indeed, the more powerful your equipment, the faster you will accomplish your objectives (quests, dungeons, mandates, etc.). You will find ways to equip yourself in the following tips, don't worry.


Tip # 3: Localized Appearances of Random Events

The those are a significant source of experience. These appear in the area where you are at random (however they appear more often if there are a lot of players in the area), and are represented on your map by a blue circle.

These are various events, such as killing waves of monsters, escorting a merchant, or killing a very large monster. During these events, you will be surrounded by other players who will help you accomplish your goal. Really don't hesitate to go there when these appear, in addition to the experience you will gain some Gils and Great Company Seals.


Tip # 4: The Bestiary

In FFXIV, you can gain quite a bit of experience by killing monsters listed in your bestiary. Take a look in your notebooks  to see which monsters you need to kill and their quantity. These monsters are represented by this logo above their heads . When you complete a page of your bestiary, it is a bigger gain of experience that will be given to you.


Tip # 5: The Quests

To advance in the game, you will need to complete important quests , belonging to the frame of the game. These are obligatory, unlike the NPC quests  around, which I advise you to do. For example, if you need to talk to an NPC in a certain area to advance in the story, and around that NPC are other quest-giver NPCs, take those quests (all at the same time), do- them, and return them (all at the same time so as not to go back and forth unnecessarily), you will gain quite a bit of experience, Gils, and sometimes equipment or food.


Tip # 6: Dungeons

Your adventure will naturally lead you to enter instantiated dungeons, where you will meet up with other players. If you really want to maximize your experience gains by completing dungeons, I recommend that you do not complete all of them. only once. Why ? Because you only get an experience bonus when you complete a dungeon for the first time, then it's not really worth it. Another tip, when using the mission tool to find other players to enter a dungeon, I advise you to check the option allowing you to join a dungeon already started, because no matter what, you will get the experience bonus at the end. Dungeons will also allow you to obtain good quality equipment.


Tip # 7: Guild Operations

Just like dungeons, guild operations are accessible through the mission tool, and give you bonus experience when you complete them for the first time. Therefore, only perform each of them once. Feel free to use Guild Operations to gain experience.


Tip # 8: Mandates

If you want to perform mandates, you will need to address NPCs with this logo above their head  , they are called the constituents. I advise you to keep your mandates to gain experience with your other classes. However, if you have a slump in your progress, and have no other options right now, Mandates are a good way to gain experience.


Tip # 9: Class Quests

Do not forget to carry out your class quests ! They are available every 5 levels, and will give you experience, equipment, and for some of them new spells ! These quests are available inside your guilds respective.


Tip # 10: Rest

When you log out, it is strongly recommended that you do so in an resting place. To find out if you are in a resting place, just look under your experience bar if this logo is present. . Once you log back in, you will be able to see in your experience bar:


This means that you will gain more experience in this level bracket.


Tip # 11: Food

While completing quests, you will sometimes receive food, which will give you various stat bonuses for 30 minutes when you consume it. Among these bonuses, there is an experience bonus! So remember to consume these items when playing. It is possible to find food other than by completing quests, asking a friend Cook or on sale at some NPCs for example.


Tip # 12: Join a Free Company

The  Free Companies are the Guilds of FFXIV. These bring various bonuses to their members, including an experience bonus! So don't hesitate to create one with your friends, or join one by yourself.


Tip # 13: Optimize your trips

As I said before, don't make unnecessary trips! To do this, do not forget to synchronize yourself with big etherites that you will find during your adventure, they will allow you to teleport to them for a certain amount of Gils.

In addition, I strongly advise you to get a Chocobo as soon as you reach level 20 because it will increase your movement speed. For that, you will first have to join a big company (don't worry, the epic will take you there naturally). Next, you should contact your Grande Compagnie manager, who will give you a quest asking you to obtain a Licence. You can obtain this license against 2000 Great Company seals with your steward. You will get these seals by performing ALEA, completing the Grande Compagnie bestiary, and performing delivery missions and Grande Compagnie mandates. Talk to the NPCs at your Great Company counter for more information. Once your license is in your pocket, you will need to speak to a palefrenier, which will give you a Chocobo whistle in exchange, allowing you to ride this proud mount!

You should now be ready to level up your character, I wish you luck, and don't forget to take breaks!

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