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A novelty for the interface, a return on the emotes and information on the dubbing of FFXIV: here is the information of the day!



Another good news for the game interface! You will be able to make unused action boxes transparent:

In addition, another function, planned for phase 4, will allow you to hide the action bars without pressing L1 / L2 and R1 / R2 (PC and PS3 version).



No information about emotes with your chocobo at this time, but some can be used while you are on your mount or seated. You will be able to greet, look around, etc ...



Wondering who the voice of your favorite NPCs was? Here is a small list of voice actors to satisfy your curiosity:

  • Hydaelyn : Lucy Todd
  • Gaius of Baelsar : Richard Epcar (has voiced over 300 game, anime, series characters)
  • Lahabrea : Kyle Herbert (Kiba in Naruto, Kamina in Gurren Laggan ...)
  • Minfilia : Amy Bolton
  • Thancred : T. Axelrod (Hellsing, Monster, Paranoia Agent...)
  • Yda : Mela Lee (Rin Tohsaka dans Fate/Stay Night, Last Exile..)
  • Papalymo : Steve Cannon (Bleach, Code Geass, Digimon, Kadaj dans FFVII : Advent Children)
  • Y'shtola : Emily O'Brien (famous for having played a role in .. The Young and the Restless)
  • Urianger : Gideon Emery (Balthier in FFXII, many roles in SWTOR: Captain Revar, Tobin Harlan, Abdan Sho, Alek Teral, Cavill Arin, Comms Officer Jule, Lokir-Ka, Peyton Swole, Sadoll, the Argent Serpent, W6-S4, Captain Winborn, Col Hunt, Narvurin, Spice Trader)
  • Alisaie : Simone Bee
  • Alphinaud : Sam Regal (Mephisto Pheles and Izumi in Blue Exorcist, Shirou Emiya in Fate / Stay Night ...)
  • Aldynn Raubahn : JC Miller (voices in WoW, Starcraft II)
  • Kan-E-Senna : Cindy Robinson (several dubbing in Bleach, Naruto and Mass Effect 2 ..)
  • White-tailed Tail : Jean Elizabeth
  • Nanamo Ul Namo : Haley Alexander
  • Biggs : CJ3
  • Twin Adder Dispatch : Ian Steele
  • Black tol Scaeva : Ian Steele
  • Livia sas Junius : Karine Foviau (spanish voice actor who dubbed Selena Gomez, Lindsay Lohan, Alice in Kingdom Hearts)
  • Rhitahtyn SAS Arvina : CJ3
  • Louisoix : David VO Lodge


See you soon for new products that will undoubtedly arrive very quickly!

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