FFXIV - Chocobo Barde

After the guide for mounts, here is the guide for chocobo bards. We all want our chocobo to be a little more unique! Here's how to get all of the available bards.


Great Company Bard

The following bards can be purchased from your Great Company vendor.


Half-Bard of the Maelstrom - 4000 Great Company points

Bard du Maelstrom - 6000 Great Company points

Maelstrom Heavy Bard - 8000 Great Company points

Half-Bard of the Order of the Two Vipers - 4000 Great Company points

Bard of the Order of the Two Vipers - 6000 Great Company points

Order of the Two Vipers Heavy Bard - 8000 Great Company points

Half-bard of the Immortals - 4000 Great Company points

Bard of the Immortals - 6000 Great Company points

Heavy Barding of the Immortals - 8000 Great Company points

Primordial Bard

The following bards are the result of crafting with an item that is in certain primordial instances.


Bard of Leviathan - Crafted by a 3-star gunsmith

Barde de Ramuh - Made by Tanneur 3 stars

Bard Shiva - Made by Tanneur 4 stars

Bard of achievement

The following two bards are obtained from an achievement:

Plume bard  - When you train other players' chocobos 30 times.

Bard of the Chocobo King - When you receive the honors of his teammates 300 times.

Bard Subscription

The Bard of Light - Available in-game when you purchase a 360-day subscription.

The Behemoth Bard - Available in-game when you purchase the Collector's Edition.

The Black Mage Bard - Available in-game when you purchase a 180-day subscription.

Bard Event

The ovoid bard - During the event Proeuf hunting.

The Star Festival Bard - During the event The feast of the stars.

Barde d'Halloween - During the event The Vigil of Saints.

The Sighing Bard - During the Valention event

Bard Alea's Reward

The Bard of Sleipnir can be bought for 5 Mantis of Odin in Mor Dhona

Job armor bard

When your chocobo reaches level 10, you automatically get one of the bards according to the choice of its class. There are three different ones.


Paladin armor


White Mage Armor


Dragon Knight Armor


Barde du Gold Saucer

High Roller Bard can be obtained in exchange for 20.000 PGS


And you, who is your favorite bard?

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