FFXIV - House Tour # 27

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Judit Llordes


Here we are for the twenty-seventh edition of the house tours with my finds of the week!


Detached house 1

A house with beautiful decorations, a cherry tree and a cannon.

A dark entrance but well appointed. We have a Garuda sofa, an Ifrit head and a bar area.

A basement in Limsa colors with a sitting area and a sleeping area. We also spot a Garuda sofa.


Detached house 2

A garden with a beautiful arch, a corner with a campfire and a little greenery.

The entrance shows us a nice reception and lounge area with a Garuda sofa and an Ifrit head.

The basement in Chocobo colors shows us a superb buffet with a sleeping area and a jacuzzi area.


Detached house 3

A garden with cherry trees, a monument to Odin and a stone path.

The entrance shows us a sitting area with a lot of decorations.

The basement shows us a jacuzzi corner, a lounge area with an Ifrit head and a bedroom area.


Detached house 4

A garden with still many cherry trees and a vegetable patch.

The entrance presents us with a library corner and a reception.

The basement is wooded with a tactical corner, a Garuda sofa and a stone fireplace.


Detached house 5

A garden with lots of greenery and a vegetable patch.

A rather metallic entrance with a sofa by Garuda and the three paintings of the rulers of Eorzea.

The basement is wooded with an office area, a dining area and a reception area.


Detached house 6

In this last house we have a garden with a Titan lantern and a piece of furniture. the Valention event.

The entrance is wooded and uncluttered with a head of Ifrit.

And we end with a basement that is still as uncluttered with a jacuzzi, a music corner and a stone fireplace.


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