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When you are level 20 and have progressed through epic, you will be offered to join a Great Company. You are free to choose the one that suits you best, you can change it later. Arrived at the HQ of your Great Company, you find yourself facing several NPCs. Forward for a guided tour! Take the example of Order of the Twin Adder, the Grande Compagnie de Gridania.


Let's detail them Visible NPCs on this image, from left to right:

  • Pre-waist Heloix, Serpent Colonel: it will give you the quest to complete to get your chocobo.
  • Logistics Officer, Free companies: it takes care of the credit exchanges of your free company. You must contact the Officer where your Free Company was created to redeem credits. These are used to buy the Benefits. This perk unlocks when your Free Company reaches Rank 5.
  • Administrator, Free companies: it deals with the management of free companies. It is with him that you can create a free company, change its allegiance, its acronym or even dissolve it.

  • Personnel officer: you turn to him to rise in rank and consult the list of supply missions. These missions consist in providing the Great Company with equipment, resources, or war prizes in exchange for experience and company seal. It is therefore a good way to gain seals and experience by collecting or crafting the desired items. Or even get rid of equipment so you don't need to. The items requested for Supply Missions change daily.

Company Seals are also obtained through Grand Company mandates and as a reward for Alea.

  • Logistics Officer: he offers to exchange your company seals for equipment or material. It is also from him that you will have to recover your chocobo license in exchange for 2000 Company Seals to be able to complete the quest and obtain your companion.


I have one last NPC to present to you: the Herald of arms which deals with the Coats of arms of the Free Companies. You must apply to the Herald at Arms of the Great Company where your Free Company was created to be able to interact with him. He takes care of the creation of free company coats of arms and their modification. You can also ask him to display or hide your CL crest on your gear in exchange for a few gil. Of course, you will need to have unlocked this ability with your free company.

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