FFXIV - Live Letter to Chiba Part 2

This night was again rich in information concerning the extension of Final fantasy XIV : Heavensward



Ishgard will be cut into two parts to facilitate, as always, the fluidity of the premises and the loading. You should know that most of the constructions presented in Ishgard will be made from stones. In the lower part of the area, there will mainly be ruins destroyed during clashes with the dragons. For the small superior of the city, these are mainly religious buildings. Here are the images of the statues:

About the area Dravanian (English name), you should know that this area is located west of Ishgard and is divided into three parts:

  • the part Highlands is the area where the dragons live, as well as a new tribe the Gunas. 
  • The area Lowlands will mostly be made of mountains. However it was not invaded by dragons, the weather is rather good because it is quite hot there. There are many archaeological ruins, a deserted Sharlayan city.
  • The area Cloud Sea which is next to the game Highlands. For scenario reasons, we don't yet know why there are so many ruins in this area. We will find there the story of the seven Celestial Dragons.

The area Abarasia Cloud sea is located east of Ishgard. This area is extremely rugged. To truly experience the area fully, a flying mount will be needed. Yeh!
It is the home of the Vanu Vanu tribe.

For the floating continent, there was no information released as they are still working on it.



We were treated to a small video concerning the presentation of the first dungeon Gubra Library.



  • There will be 4 floors at the exit of the extension.
  • The ilvl required to enter Alexander will not be too high for the first three parts. Everyone can have fun in it and evolve quickly.
  • The difficulty ofAlexander on hard mode should be equivalent to that of Sadistic Bahamut.


Ao Ra

  • Tattoos on Ao Ra are not dragons but patterns of demons. The rules for their name will be published at the end of May.
  • Ao Ra will have special emotes.



  • The Dark Knight will also have a unique mount like the Paladin and the Warrior, we don't know what the theme will be yet.
  • The Dark Knight consumes MP and PT

  • The Machinist will be able to use the Bard's equipment, the Astromancer that of the healer classes and the Dark Knight the equipment of the tanks.
  • Primary statistics for new jobs will be announced in the next live newsletter



  • The big chocobo will be able to fly.
  • The new Relic weapon will start in 3.1.
  • The summoner has been reworked.
  • New residential areas will be added.
  • Arsenal expansion will not be done upon exiting Heavensward.
  • A system will be set up so that we can migrate our bars from Windows to Mac.
  • Synchronization will be implemented to keep level 50 in current level 50 dungeons.
  • The number of buff / debuff displayed on bosses will not be increased.
  • The sharing of houses between spouses will be implemented after the release of the extension.
  • The next live newsletter will take place in mid-May and will take place in Spain in Nantes.

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