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After getting a glimpse of what to expect for Disciples of War and Magic, it was time for Craftsmen and Gatherers to take a look at the content dedicated to them. On the program: expert synthesis and fishing challenges!



In addition to normal recipes, followers of the Hand will be able to experiment with "expert synthesis": recipes requiring special items. A set of recipes, with a higher difficulty level, will also be added. You will need good equipment to be able to do them!

But that's not all ! Eight pieces of furniture dedicated to crafts (one for each discipline) can be installed in the house of your Free Company. By examining them, the craftsman will receive a small bonus which will increase his HP.

Finally, you will also have new tools whose characteristics will be superior to the existing ones. In order to access it, you will need to complete the quest "A Great Tool" and bring the necessary item to the NPC Thanalan who is waiting for you at the Death Knell (Mor Dhona, 22,6). It will reward you with a nice tool.


Disciples of the Earth

Our harvester friends will have new objects to discover and therefore new harvest points:


  • Extraction de pierre level 50
    • Thanalan occidental: sources de Nophica
  • Ore veins intact
    • Basse-Noscea / Thanalan central / Thanalan septentrional
  • Intact stone quarries
    • Central Noscea / Western Thanalan / Southern Forest


  • Mature trees intact
    • Central Noscea / Haute-Noscea / Northern forest
  • Intact vegetation squares
    • Western Noscea / Lower Noscea / Central forest

 The fishermen are not put aside because the team has prepared fishing challenges for them. New legendary fish will be added and your Gathering will need to be above a certain value to be able to catch them.
Depending on your catch, you will be able to accomplish achievements. So get ready to upgrade your gear!


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