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Feedback on the 4 phase were posted on the English beta forum. I was able to translate them before the forum collapsed!



  • During a class quest d'Arcaniste (probably level 5), you could get annoyed by enemies using area effects while they were being fought by other players. This bug will be fixed for release and you will have invincible status while you watch the cutscene.
  • When you have reached the maximum number shards or gils in your inventory and that a quest gives you these in reward, you could not complete the quest. This problem being critical, it will be fixed for the official release.
  • During phase 3, it was possible to check off the quests that we wanted to display on our interface. In phase 4, this function was removed. There has been a lot of feedback on this and the team is looking into the matter again.



  • For phase 4, the number of possible harvests on a single point has indeed been reduced, this is not a bug. This was done with the aim of preserving the economy of the game.
  • Harvest points 50 level : An active help window appears for "unspoiled locations" when you use the following skills:
    • Botaniste : "Truth of Forests" (Nv.46)
    • Mineurs : "Truth of Mountains" (Nv.46)

During your level 50 class quests, you will find this system. As this window does not appear automatically for harvesters who are already at level 46 or higher, the team preferred to remind you of this function. When you are under the effect of one of the two actions and you enter an area where an "unspoiled location" is present, it will be displayed on your compass. Compared to normal harvest points, they spawn more rarely, but that doesn't mean it's random. You will have to think to understand the intricacies of nature to predict the conditions of appearance of these particular harvest points!



  • You can place a etherite in your home and use it like any other Eorzea aetherite.



  • The following recipes have been changed:
    • Darksteel Ingot
    • Soft hippogriff leather
    • Lead wire
    • Radiant Star-Eye
    • Lingot d'or rose
    • Hardened Spruce Lumber
    • Enchanted Rose Gold Ink
    • Concentrated Delta Growth Formula



  • You may have noticed that training mannequins have appeared. They recognize if you attack from the front, from the side or from the back: a good way to train to achieve combos! A small problem was reported: as you garner enmity on the mannequin you could not change class. It is enough to move away for the enmity to diminish and then disappear.
  • Problems prevented the display of v1.0 characters with the benchmark if the appearance had been changed and the display of the edit menu of the character: if you were affected by these problems, you will have the right to change the name and the appearance of your character.

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