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New feedback was released today!



2.1 brings some changes:

  • the window of focusing will be improved: the cast bar will be easier to see and you will be able to focus a target at a greater distance.
  • The window of teleportation should no longer disappear for PS3 players.

After 2.1, the team will continue to work on the interface, bringing us various small improvements:

  • a history of Mog couriers sent.
  • has a icône indicating that a piece of equipment is included in a tenuous. This way you will no longer sell / materialize equipment by mistake!
  • you can change the name of a tab dialog without having to delete it first.


Free Company Chest

The suggestions paid off: Update 2.1 will bring new features:

  • new safe access right parameter: being able to choose "deposit only ',
  • historical items deposited / withdrawn: we will be able to consult who deposited / withdrawn an item, the name of the item, the number of items or gil and when the action was taken.



  • When you use Fri on a fallen comrade, there is a time limit when the player cannot be healed. Although this is voluntary, the team is aware that this system is problematic. As a result, the resurrected character will be invincible for a short time. This will be implemented in 2.1
  • Some gamers complain that Eorzea is not a open world and that the loadings between zones should be suppressed. Know that it is bad for good. If the world were open, it would be much less rich, visually poorer. Thanks to the zones, you have a more beautiful and varied world!

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