FFXIV - Special 3rd Anniversary Show and Live Letter

The Final Fantasy XIV 14rd Anniversary special 3 hours live began early at 5 a.m. Several shows have already taken place including the 31st Lettre Live. Let's take a look at what has already been revealed since dawn.

Illustration de Tetsuya Nomura

A book on the Final Fantasy XIV lore is currently in development. Banri Oda, creator of the Eorzea lore, gave a little preview.

Throughout these 14 hours of broadcast, the now usual challenge for Hiroshi this time is to collect orchestrion rolls. We wish him good luck!

Some photos are circulating on Twitter ...

Soken Yoshida

It's time for the Live Letter! The update 3.4 is presented. She is called « Soul Surrender » and will go live on September 27.

The story will revolve around the Dark Warriors. It will also be a question d'Alisae and the dialogues will not be the same depending on your progress in the Bahamut Labyrinth raid. Finally there will be a lot of lore concerning Eorzea.

Side quests side, there will be that of Scholasticat, d’Hildibrand and the suite of weapons Anima. These will have to wait for the 3.45 update.

Changes to the combat system are planned:

  • Resetting cooldowns when starting a fight. If your team is KO'd in a raid or challenge and you come back for a second round, you won't have to wait for your actions to finish reloading.
  • Changed the automatic attack. Currently you need to be at most 3 meters from the target while facing it at an angle of 90 ° for the auto-attack to work. When updating, this angle will be removed, you just need to be at a good distance. In short, there is no need to face the target for the auto-attack to take place.
  • Change to the “face the target” system. The official translation on The Lodestone reads: “This feature will no longer be available on the move. This is done in order to remove the differences between the platforms. For mages, if the enemy moves, you will face the target's current position. However, in situations where you need to turn your back on the target, players will not be able to simply turn due to the changes to self-attacks. You will need to sheath your weapon or cancel targeting. "
  • Thordan Extreme will be added to the raid tool, other challenges too.
  • A countdown function will be added, useful for determining the start of a fight! you can put 30 seconds at most and display for example only the last 5 seconds. This information is displayed in the dialog window.

With all this, you will be able to attack the new raid serenely! Alexander: The Creator will have a normal version and a sadistic version. Say hello to the final form of Faust.

A new challenge is of course planned: Contention unit P1T6. There will be a normal version and an extreme. This is the second part of the Warrior Triad: Sophia, the goddess series. The team specifies that they have put a lot of effort into the graphics and hope to be able to show us this during the Tokyo Game Show.


Two dungeons will be added: Xelphatol for novelty and a difficult version of the Great Library of Gubal.

Le PvP is not left out. Long demanded, duels are coming! In a corner of the Lair of Wolves Pier, you will be able to indulge in the joys of 1 against 1. It will suffice to send a duel request to your future opponent and when this one accepts, a countdown will be launched. . There will be no time limit. Whoever leaves the arena is considered forfeit. You will be able to do duels while being registered in the Mission Tool. You can also compete in a team of 4 players. Form the teams, then the leader will send a request to the opposing group. There will be no predefined composition.

Finally if you like to play spectators, it will now be possible. You will be able to see the fight from a player's perspective. It is clarified that “This feature was developed for official use, so some aspects may be difficult to control at first, but we are planning to update this. Try this mode! »A match will accommodate 8 spectators. We can see how it works at the Tokyo Game Show.

Return to PvE with the Bottomless Dungeon - Palace of the Dead. Floors 51 to 200 will be added to 3.45 along with a special job classification system.
As expected, the story will concern floors 51 to 100. The rest is a bonus for challenge lovers, with the ranking.

The Large Companies will finally welcome something new:

  • A system called "squadron" (and not Platoon, term seen on the screenshots), translated as battalion for the moment. It will be a question of a simulation type content that can be done solo. This will involve gathering volunteer NPCs and creating a squad (you and 3 NPCs). Content will be added over time for this system. With our squad we will be able to explore dungeons.
  • New ranks and new pieces of equipment!

Another novelty! Wondrous Tails aka the wanderings of a Miqo'te. This famous Idyllée NPC will listen to your exploits and use them to create "something". What then is this mysterious work?

We do not forget the Gold Saucer, you have to relax after all these adventures!
The Triple Triad will be entitled to a lounge for each data center where we can compete against each other.
Pet Clash will be accessible via the Mission Tool.
You will now be able to purchase three Mega Cactpot cards with different numbers.

Finally after all that, all you have to do is reach your residential areas, where good news resonates.
First of all the apartments ! For 500 gil you can buy a coin. There will be common areas in the buildings where we can meet our neighbors and spend time with them! Each building contains 000 apartments, one for each City-State, or 512 apartments per server.

Highly anticipated, l'aquarium come. The team explains that it took a while, because adding a transparent object is difficult in an MMO. There will be aquariums of different sizes: the bigger it is, the more fish you can put in it. There are plans to increase the types of fish that can be placed there.

A “playlist” feature will be added to the orchestrion. Commands like “repeat” will also be added.

There will also be new furniture like wall cupboards and Calca and Brina dolls.

After a good night's rest in your apartment, it's time to get back to work! Count on new exploration missions where the prerequisites for regrouping and the exchange rate of espoilles will be changed. If you have any, exchange them before updating. New ilvl 235 equipment will be added.
We can participate in the Diadem as a Disciple of the Earth.
A new exploration area will be added to 3.5.
Finally, there will be a new Allaganza memorandum. It can be exchanged for Sharlayan inspired gear.

We continue with the intervention of Minagawa, artistic director of the interface which explains the "double cross shortcuts" feature. Find the explanations below.

Perfect EU_Community_Team source

This feature is somewhat complex by its nature, as it is intended for players who wish to perform multiple actions.

In order to activate this functionality, you will first have to open the configuration menu of the cross action bars, and activate the "* WHXB" mode.

It is possible to use it in addition to the extended cross action bars.
(A demonstration of this feature was performed during the broadcast)

Permanent display of the double cross for shortcuts
You can choose a permanent display of the double cross of shortcuts by going through the "Cross" tab of the Character configuration menu (the steps are shown during the broadcast).

It is possible to make the other shortcut bars invisible to easily check which configuration you are in. You can adjust the transparency of non-active bars (we recommend a transparency between 30 and 50%). This adjustment can also be applied to shortcut crosses.

It will also be possible to deactivate the display of text bubbles and other aids, for those who will get used to it. You can increase the capacity of the double cross from 4 to 8 if the initial settings are not sufficient. You can also change the position of the double cross via the ATH if you feel the need.

Yoshida: We think having this setting enabled by default would have been unsettling for new players, so we chose to display the double cross in the same place as the default cross.

Even if you choose not to use the double cross, it will be displayed on the screen if you activate always-on display.

Note also that it will be possible to calibrate the pressure length for the double cross; it depends on the controllers so you can adjust it according to the controller you are using.

Yoshida: We took the suggestions into account and also added an option to transfer the data from the double cross to the normal cross.


We continue on other small novelties:

  • A new “roleplay” status,
  • the possibility of using the hyphen "-" in a name.
  • New craft recipes, weapons that can benefit from advanced seaming.
  • From equipment to 3.2
  • the Veteran's reward for the 1440 days is not yet known, little oversight on their part!
  • A statuette of Odin is in production, it will be on sale in mid-December. In game it will allow you to obtain a Zantetsuken emote. A pre-order will first be possible at FanFest in Las Vegas, another will be launched after.

  • An official FFXIV magazine
  • A special FFXIV room is open at Karaoke Pasela in Akihabara!

  • The 32nd LL will take place on September 17th
  • Two FanFest rewards were shown: Tidus and Yuna outfits.

  • The Tokyo Game Show will be a big event for FFXIV which plans to hit hard! PvE and PvP challenges, events, cosplay gathering, freebies, new goodies at the store (slippers, slippers!). The TGS will take place from September 15 to 18.


The Live Letter is over, but the broadcasts continue to follow one another!


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