FFXIV - The Astromancer

Combining the knowledge of astrology with that of ether, the city of Sharlayan created astromancy, or the science of miracles. Using celestial globes, Astromancers don't just watch the stars in battle.



  • The Astromancer is a healer.
  • You will need to have access to Ishgard and complete the Call of the Stars quest.



  • Actions
  • Features
  • Talents
  • Lv. 1: Evil
  • Lv. 2: Beneficence
  • Lv. 4: Superior conjunction
  • Lv. 6: Speed ​​of light
  • Lv. 8: Luminiferous Aether
  • Lv. 10: Helios
  • Lv.12: Ascendant
  • Lv. 15: Essential Dignity
  • Lv. 18: Detriment
  • Nv.22: Stella
  • Lv. 26: Beneficence II
  • Lv.30: Draw
  • Lv. 30: Daytime Theme
  • Lv. 34: Beneficence aspect
  • Lv. 35: Royal Way
  • Lv. 38: Invalidation
  • Lv.40: Addition
  • Lv. 42: Helios Aspect
  • Lv. 45: Mixture
  • Lv. 46: Superior Conjunction II
  • Lv.50: Night theme
  • Nv.50: Synastrie
  • Lv. 52: Gravity
  • Lv. 54: Evil II
  • Lv. 56: Time dilation
  • Lv. 58: Collective unconscious
  • Lv.60: Heavenly Opposition



By using Draw you get one of the following cards:

  • Libra
  • Trunk
  • The arrow
  • The stake
  • L'Aiguière
  • The Tour

Lv.8: Improved Spirit
Lv.14: Improved Spirit II
Lv.16: Improved Speed ​​of Light
Lv.20: Improved Ascendant
Lv. 24: Improved Spirit III
Lv. 28: Improved Essential Dignity
Lv.32: Effectiveness of actions increased
Lv. 36: Improved Beneficence
Lv.40: Effectiveness of actions increased II
Lv. 44: Improved invalidation
Lv. 48: Improved Luminiferous Aether

  • Occultist Nv. 8: Stoicism
  • Occultiste Nv. 12: Extra Glace
  • Occultist Lv. 26: Quick Magic
  • Elementalist Lv. 2: Healing
  • Elementalist Lv. 4: Wind
  • Elementalist Lv. 6: Priest's Presence
  • Elementalist Lv.8: Shield
  • Elementalist Lv. 12: Life
  • Elementalist Lv. 34: Breastplate

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