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As Easter approaches, we are of course thinking of delicious chocolate eggs to collect in the garden, but also of the Egg hunt! This event everyone is talking about in Eorzea is scheduled for April 9 for 15 days. 


Will Les Preux be back this year !?

If it is the Warriors of Light who protected Eorzea from the seventh plague, it is to the famous "Valiant" that we owe the survival of the continent when the sixth plague struck it more than fifteen centuries ago. These twelve heroes saved our land and our ancestors, who would otherwise have perished in a devastating flood. The story of their exploits is still told today.

Five years ago, as sinister rumors spread throughout Eorzea of ​​the imminent approach of the Seventh Plague, a young girl rose to prominence by claiming to have seen in a dream the appearance of these former Knights. , mounted on decorated eggs. To allow them to come, the one who was soon nicknamed "the Dreamer" organized a special celebration: the hunt for the Eggs. However, the results were not as expected. This did not discourage her, it seems, because this famous festival is back this year.

There is however a major difference with the previous one. The Black Hare Gridanian trading house is said to have decided to sponsor the Dreamer and distribute decorative eggs to participants in which surprises would be hidden. This is rather surprising news when you consider the track record of this company known more for its business acumen than for its largesse. The Homunculi, a famous group of bards very fashionable among the Gridanian fairer sex, would have even been invited.

If you want my opinion, the coming of the Preux seems rather dubious, but between the presents and the concert, who cares? The party promises to be memorable!

Egg-shaped rings and helmets for you and your chocobo have been provided in exchange for your services. Note that these helmets will now be essential for players who wish to complain.

The event will be available in the three cities

  • Limsa Lominsa
  • Vieille Gridania
  • Ul'dah


Can't wait to go hunting for Eggs?

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