FFXIV - The Quest for the Relic Weapon

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This guide is intended to help you obtain your item level 80 relic weapon. This will be very helpful if you are level 50 in your job. We will analyze this quest line step by step.


  • Completed all of your job and class quests.
  • Completed the epic quest and unlocked access to Amdapor Castle.


Recover the damaged weapon

  • Speak to Nedrick at Vespers Bay
  • Speak to Rowena in Mor Dhona
  • Speak to Gerolt in the Northern Forest
  • Go get your damaged weapon.
  • Paladin, Monk
  • Bard, Dragon
  • Warrior, White Mage, Black Mage
  • Studied
  • Summoner



U'Ghamaro Mines

Sapsasha spawn

Lands sylphs

Create the weapon

  • Paladin : Aeolian Scimitar + 2 Strategic Parade III Materia
  • Moine : Savage Cestes + 2 Mastered Barbary Materia III
  • Guerrier : Barbarian Bardiche + 2 Strategic Parade III Materia
  • Dragon Knight : Champion's Spear + 2 Mastered Barbary Materia III
  • Bard : Composite double-draw bow + 2 Divine Gaze Materia III
  • White mage : Living Staff of the Madman + 2 Materia of Haste III
  • Black Magus : Bloody Staff + 2 Punching Barbaric Materia III
  • Summoner Scholar's Picatrix of Casting + 2 Hard-hitting Barbarism Materia III
  • Scholar Scholar's Picatrix of Healing + 2 Haste Materia III
  • Ninja : Despoiler's Knives + 2 Divine Gaze Materia III

To find out how to crimp an object, refer to our guide on the subject.


Kill the different bosses

  • Get the Alumina Salt on the Chimera Dhorme. Refer to our guide to find out how to fight it.
  • Obtain the Glyph of Amdapor in the Amdapor Castle.
  • Kill 24 monsters in your respective areas with your newly created weapon
    • Paladin : Zaha'rak (Thanalan Méridional)
    • Moine : Zaha'rak (Thanalan Méridional)
    • Guerrier : U'Ghamaro Mines (Outer Noscea)
    • Dragon Knight : Christmas (Coerthas)
    • Bard : Christmas (Coerthas)
    • White mage : U'Ghamaro Mines (Outer Noscea)
    • Black Magus : U'Ghamaro Mines (Outer Noscea)
    • Summoner : Sylph Lands (Eastern Forest)
    • Scholar : Sapsasha spawning (Western Noscea)
  • Kill the Hydra with your newly created weapon. Refer to our guide to find out how to fight it.
  • Kill the 3 Primaries in Brutal mode. Refer to the Ifrit, Garuda, and Titan Brutal guide for instructions on how to deal with it.


Get the weapon

  • Buy Radz-at-Han Quenching Oil for 900 Allagois Poetic Memorabilia.
  • Tadaaaaam:
    • Paladin : Curtana
    • Moine : Sphairai
    • Guerrier : Bravura
    • Dragon Knight : Gae bolg
    • Bard : Arch of Artemis
    • White mage : Thyrse
    • Black Magus : Star Scepter
    • Summoner : Œilvert>
    • Scholar : Omnilex
    • Ninja : Yoshimitsu


Obtain the Zenith weapon

    • You must own the relic weapon
    • Possess 60 Mémoquartz Allagois Poétique.
    • Buy 3 Thavnair's Lymph.
    • Go to the forge next to Gerolt in the Northern Forest and click to swap your relic weapon for the +1 weapon. For the Paladin, you have to exchange two Lymphs for the weapon and one Lymph for the shield.

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