FFXIV - Update 2.25

Yesterday's update 2.25 brought us some new things when it comes to player versus player, but not only!

Quests and Warrants

  • A level 19 side quest has been added in Central Thanalan. This quest is called Transmaterialize Me and allows you to obtain an item to merge five materia into one more powerful.
  • The echo bonus has been reduced from 10% to 15% for all floors of the Labyrinth of Bahamut except the third.
  • The Whirlpool Shield and Whirlpool Rondache items have been added to Extreme Leviathan.
  • If you completed your ilevel 80 weapon quest in version 1.x. You now have access to The Chimera dhorme du Coerthas (Coertas: 32,7) and The Hydra of Halatali (Eastern Thanalan: 14,30) by inspecting the respective locations.
  • During Treasure Hunt Quests, you can now get Task Tokens as a reward. As a reminder, these tokens are useful for sending your servants to work.
  • Adjusted the number of seeds obtained when hybridization is successful using Darkskin potting soil.
  • A message is expected when an item in the goal book is nearing completion.



  • Player vs. Player rank now increases to 40.
  • New equipment is planned for this rank. You can buy it from the Maelstrom Sergeants aboard the Coeurbrave (6, 5)


  • As explained in the quests, the transmaterialization system has been added. It allows you to merge five materia into one more powerful one.
  • The Artisan's Half-rimmed Glasses and the Artisan's Hat can now be worn by any class.
  • A number of items can now be dyed.
  • The color of the Atma icons (items used to obtain his ilevel 100 weapon) has been changed.



  • Achievements have been added for reaching Player vs. Player rank 50 in each company.
  • An achievement has been added for the perfect achievement of transmaterialization.
  • The average timeout displayed in the Mission Tool is now managed independently for Melee DPS and Ranged DPS.
  • The chocobo code has been changed. You now have the right to consult the treasure maps and the Zodiac Chronicles volumes on your mount.
  • During improvised tasks, your servant sometimes brought you items. These have been deleted.
  • For PS4 players, the number of lines in the log window has been adjusted to reduce the processing load when resizing.


Resolved issues

  • Under certain conditions, it could happen that a player is unable to progress in the tribal quest A Mysterious Theft of Saltpeter.
  • There were times when the level sync did not end automatically after a FATE.
  • Under certain conditions, the damage inflicted by the Foul Pestilence of Rafflesias attack in the Meanders of Bahamut I raid could be less than expected.
  • It was not possible to deliver the following prizes: Storm Crossed Oars Insignia, NCOs Cross Oars Insignia, Serpent Leaf Insignia, NCOs Leaf Insignia, Sands Gold Scale Insignia, Insignia of the gold scale of non-commissioned officers, Study of hostile peoples.
  • The effects of the Cherry Confetti item were not visible on screen.
  • One of the bonuses of twilight boots was incorrect:
    • Before: Strength +24 Vitality +28 Accuracy +18 Vivacity +25
    • After: Strength +24 Vitality +28 Determination +12 Vivacity +25
  • The client could close unexpectedly when opening the logbook.
  • The client could shut down unexpectedly when zone changes were made continuously.
  • The names of servants were sometimes displayed incorrectly in the servant tasks window.
  • It could happen that the direct discussion mode does not work correctly despite the option being activated.
  • Client could shut down unexpectedly during teleportation or repatriation (PlayStation 4).

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