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Update 2.38 is live and the patch note is a good length, as usual! Here is a summary of the main new features. You can check out the patch notes on The Lodestone

 Quests, missions and warrants

  • The sequel to the Zodiac Weapons Saga is available. You can upgrade your weapon to the ilvl115.
  • New questline, The Postman Mog. Direction Limsa Lominsa at l'Entrepont to start.
  • You can now get Alexandrites by Randomizing if you are equipped with a Novus or Nexus weapon.


Companies and accommodation

  • When a new rank is added, the rights of the "Member" rank are assigned by default.
  • When a free company has no more members, it is automatically dissolved and its land is ceded.
  • When a Linkshell has no more members, it is automatically deleted and its name is released.
  • Sectors 7 and 8 have been added to residential quarters.
  • You can buy land individually. You will need to be level 50 and be a second lieutenant in a large company.
  • An option to choose to teleport to their company accommodation or their detached house is now displayed when a Private Aetherite is placed on each land.
  • It is now possible to ride a mount inside residential quarters.


Battles, PvE & PvP

  • The "Judgment Tree (Extreme)" challenge is now available to solo players from the mission tool.
  • The item level of the following rewards that can be obtained by completing the "Tree of Judgment (Extreme)" challenge has been increased from 100 to 110: Judgment Ring of Fending / Judgment Ring of Striking / Judgment Ring of Aiming / Judgment Ring of Casting / Judgment Ring of Healing.
    After updating, the level of these items will automatically change to 110 if you own them.
  • PvP actions are now automatically equipped after a change of class or job.
  • In order to balance the content of PvP battles, it is no longer possible to use Priest's Stance in PvP areas.
  • Adjustments have been made to the following rewards that can be obtained in the Meanders of Bahamut or the Tower of Syrcus
    • Unidentified Allagan tomestones / Oil of time
      These items are now always included in treasure chests that appear at the end of Meanders of Bahamut I or after defeating bosses Amon and Xande in Syrcus Tower.
    • Sand of time
      A copy of this item is now always included in the treasure chest appearing at the end of Meanders of Bahamut II, and two copies after defeating Xande in the Tower of Syrcus.


Objects, crafts

  • New items have been added.
  • New recipes have been added.
  • The following items can be stored in the chest: Gentleman's Fire Yukata (Jet) / Gentleman's Fire Yukata (albe) / Gentleman's Fire Yukata (indigo) / Lady's Butterfly Yukata (albe) / Butterfly's Yukata damsel (indigo) / yukata of damsel butterflies (rosé)
  • Crafting Log: Due to the increase in Synthetic Recipes, categories with over XNUMX recipes now have multiple pages.


  • New achievement if you get a Nexus weapon: A Little Closer to the Stars.
  • NPCs offering new functions following the update are given an icon above their heads.
  • For clarity, a specific sound effect will sound when the mission tool content participation confirmation screen appears.
  • It is now possible to change the servant's equipment from the arsenal or inventory using the confirmation command on the gamepad.
  • Changes have been made to the recommendations.
  • Haircuts and make-up exclusive to the services of beauticians are now available when creating a new character or a servant.
  • You can save a character's appearance from the on-screen character selection submenu.

  • Changes have been made to PvP Profile, PvP Actions and Traits, Teleport Window, Weather Window.
  • When a character fishes, the size and type of his catch are now displayed in the log of nearby players. This display can be activated or deactivated in the Character configuration menu, section Log window, under Log filters> General> Announcements> "Fishing for others".
  • A box has been added to the Job Crystals menu in anticipation of Update 2.4.
  • In the servant's list of items for sale, a new column indicates the item's unit price.
  • The "absent" state is no longer automatically canceled by moving the mouse cursor.
  • The proportions 90% and 110% have been added to the options for enlarging the size of the windows.
  • A button to the Mog Mail to send a request for veteran bonus items and rewards has been added.
  • The option "Compare to the carried part" has been added to the objects submenu.
  • Equipment try-on is now available in the following menus and locations:
    Free Company Chest, Window of Another Player Examined, Window of Mirages, Inventory, Arsenal, and Personal Chest.
  • New emotes have been added: / hug / slap. / changerpose has been changed: a new pose with the weapon drawn has been added.
  • New text commands have been added.
  • An "Accessibility" section has been added to the "System configuration" menu. In order to make FINAL FANTASY XIV user-friendly for as many players as possible, the development team is working on adding accessibility settings on a daily basis. With this update, deaf and hard of hearing people will be able to choose to activate the “visual representation of sounds” option.


Resolved issues

The list goes on, but these nasty bugs won't bother you anymore!

  • The detection distance of some monsters was too short.
  • Monsters for which the detection distance has been extended are mostly found in Instances, Challenges, and Raids.
  • When playing with a controller, the default cursor position in the Mirage window was incorrect.
  • When choosing items to be given to an NPC, for example as part of a delivery quest, it was possible to select unrelated items.
  • When the main menu was displayed on a low resolution screen, it protruded from the edges of the screen. (PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®4 versions only)
  • Messages from blacklisted players were appearing in certain locations such as dungeons.
  • Not all mounts ran at the same speed.
  • The running speeds have therefore been harmonized, but differences remain between the walking speeds. (In practice, only the goobbue was affected by this adjustment.)
  • When the “Sit” emote was used while fishing, the graphics of some gear were not displayed correctly.
    * As a result of this fix, the sitting fishing pose of Lalafelles has been adjusted.
  • The icon for the “Installation: Production II” effect received during the ixali tribal quests was incorrect.
  • Items received for recycling Boarskin Goosebill Sandals were incorrect.
  • Highlight effects appeared even when the UI display was turned off.
  • In residential areas, no error message was displayed when it was not possible to select “Go to lot entrance”.
  • In Frontline battles, if the fight ended after disconnecting the character, reconnecting when the results were displayed would prevent the number of battles from being counted correctly.
  • As part of the Front, when a familiar killed an enemy, the strategic score increased by 5 points and this action was counted towards the total of "finishing moves".
  • Under certain conditions, players with a single room could lose it by logging out.
  • In the Ixali's daily quest "Nothing Without a Wing", it was sometimes impossible to unearth the key object "Lump of Granite", blocking progress in the quest.
  • During the Ixali's daily quest "White Cat, Black Heart", the game could get stuck due to a particular sequence of actions.
  • The character could sometimes get out of the map and get stuck in the background.
  • Under certain circumstances, it may not be possible to complete the quest for the epic "Don't Make Old Bones".
  • Opening the free company profile window could block the game.
  • Attempting to sell items from inventory could, under special conditions, block the game.
  • A character arriving during an ongoing Frontline battle was not always properly integrated into their team.
  • Opening a Star Scroll could at times block the game.
  • The game could get stuck during a repair.
  • The game could crash during a recycle.
  • The game could crash when browsing tabs in the character window.
  • The animation related to using the item "Red Renaissance Bottle" could not trigger correctly.
  • The game could crash during the "Thorn Edge (Brutal)" challenge under certain circumstances.
  • In "The Praetorium" dungeon, once the fight against the Ultima Arma is over, the damage ground areas could remain until the next fight.
  • During Frontline battles, it was sometimes impossible to ride two people on a team member's trait chocobo.
  • While collecting Ancient Weapons, it was sometimes not possible to transfer materia normally under certain circumstances.
  • During the instanced dungeon "Shattering Hull Island", the "Edema" condition condition did not always disappear.
  • Messages from characters registered in the blacklist could be visible during certain instanced dungeons.

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