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Update 3.21 was released very recently, including a brand new PvP battle mode!

This update therefore brings the brand new PvP combat mode. "Le Festin", but also several tweaks and fixes for Update 3.2.


  • [3.0] A new side quest has been added.
    • Feast in the Wolf's Den - Mor Dhona (21.7, 8.6) - Alys


  • [3.0] A new side quest has been added.
  • [3.0] A new type of PvP combat has been added to Den of Wolves: The Feast.
  • [2.0] [3.0] Adjustments have been made to an action when used in PvP areas.
  • [3.0] Additions and changes have been made to Alexander - Gordias (sadistic).
    • It is now possible to register alone in the mission tool for this series of raids. 
    • Medium item level conditions have been added.
  • Changes have been made to make this series of raids more accessible.
    • Alexander - The Father's Wrist (Sadistic)
      • The "Gravitational Shell", "Lightning Shot" and "Superacid Shell" actions of the G-VII Gobblind Magitek consume less EP.
      • The damage dealt by exploding bombs and the effects of the "Fire resistance decreased" condition condition have been reduced.
    • Alexander - The Arm of the Father (sadistic)
      • The duration of the "Stun" and "Paralysis" status ailments inflicted upon exiting the combat arena has been reduced.
      • The effects of the "Increased Physical Vulnerability", "Damage Penalty" and "Healing Penalty" condition damage inflicted by the Living Liquid's "Phalangette" attack have been reduced.
      • The distance needed to limit the damage dealt by the Living Liquid's "Hand of Prayer" and "Hand of Separation" attacks has been reduced.
      • The duration of the "Exhaustion" condition condition inflicted by the "Ferrofluid" attack of living liquid has been reduced.
      • The duration of the "Suffocation" condition condition inflicted by living fluid has been extended.
      • The damage dealt by the "Hand of Pain" attack on Living Liquid and Liquid Limb has been reduced.
      • The health of piston lubricants has been reduced.
      • The triggering of the "Mucilage" attack of piston lubricants has been adjusted.
      • The damage dealt by the "Explosion" clot attack has been reduced.
      • The beneficial effect "Bonus damage" which is attributed to living fluid by exploding clots, among other things, has been reduced.
  • The "Echo" effect is now available.
    • The effect is activated at the start of the mission and increases maximum health, damage dealt and healing potential by 10%.
      • The effect does not increase, even if the whole team is defeated and starts the mission again.


  • [2.0] [3.0] New methods of obtaining have been added for the following items.
    • Damaged scroll "A Light in the Storm" - The Lighthouse of Sirius (brutal)
    • Damaged scroll "The Dark's Embrace" - Les Mines de Clochecuivre (brutal)
    • Damaged scroll "The Scars of Battle" - The Remains of the City of Amdapor (brutal)
    • Damaged scroll "Dark Vows" - The Hypogeum of Tam-Tara (brutal)
    • Damaged roller "Riptide" - Sastasha (brutal)


  • [2.0] Changes have been made to the novice network.
    • Mentors are now automatically kicked from the channel after an extended period of inactivity.
      • The log does not display any message when mentors are automatically kicked out of the RdN. This problem should be fixed in update 3.25.
  • It is now possible to invite novices who take advantage of the trial version.

Resolved issues

  • The following issues have been fixed.
    • New team members were sometimes not recruited for current missions.
    • In "The Castle of Amdapor (brutal)", the action "Thrashed" of the ivy did not inflict damage or damage of vulnerability to certain monsters.
    • In "The Remnants of the City of Amdapor (Brutal)", the effects of the penalty inflicted on monsters in illuminated areas were incorrect.
    • In "The Remnants of the City of Amdapor (Brutal)", the area-of-effect actions of some monsters were not appearing correctly.
    • The camera could behave strangely when the character fell into the water in "The Tidal Breaker (Extreme)".
    • The "Astral Fire" effect was not always applied at the correct time after using the "Inferno" and "Extra Fire" black mage actions.
    • NPC Sabina was exchanging vials of Indigo Hand Strengthening Agent Concentrate for copies of the "Fourth Volume of the Midan Manifesto" instead of copies of the "Third Volume of the Midan Manifesto."
      • The number of copies of the Third Volume of the Midan Manifesto required to obtain this item remains unchanged at 4.
    • Some information about how to obtain Orchestrion Scrolls was incorrect.
    • Using the "Fishing" action without bait while emote allowed the character to move without the emote animation canceling out.
    • "Mog's Feet" and "Crescent Moon's Night Pants" pieces of gear were not displaying correctly when worn by male characters.
    • Some cutscenes in the quest "For Whom the Bell Tolls" did not launch from the travel log.
    • The log window was moved down when the size of the high resolution interface was increased to 150% / 200%.
    • Some action help texts were wrong.

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