FFXIV - Visit of houses # 2 - Special Japanese waiter

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Here we are for the second edition of visits to individual houses! Today I decided to make a special Japanese waiter! I went to explore the Gaia server and discovered quite a few beautiful decorations!


Detached house 1

A rather simple garden with a small relaxation area.

We go to the entrance with a fireplace and a small bar.

We end with the basement in the colors of Gridania with a little Tombery. We already notice a lot of partitions and you will see later that on the Japanese server, the houses are filled with partitions that separate the rooms to create small spaces.


Detached house 2

Unfortunately, a fairly empty garden which I think is still under construction. However, this house has a few surprises in store.

The entrance is in a fairly calming library / carbuncle atmosphere.

The basement reminds us of a conference room with two small partitions that share the room to make a small bedroom and an area with a jacuzzi.


Detached house 3

A colorful garden with a relaxation area and a beautiful Leviathan fountain.

The entrance is for the first time condemned. The person chose to use only the first room to make it an office and a small bedroom in the Ahriman atmosphere.


Detached house 4

A garden with pretty red colors that gives an original effect and catches the eye.

The entrance gives a pleasant and warm tavern atmosphere.

The basement, always separated by partitions, is fitted out as a small living room, a small bedroom and a small jacuzzi area.


Detached house 5

Very beautiful garden with a cannon which remains rare on this server, as well as a white facade.

An entrance with again a tavern atmosphere and a sleeping area.

We end with the basement in conference room mode and another partition that opens onto a new area which serves as a bedroom.


Detached house 6

In the last house, we saw a flower garden and the idea of ​​personal etherite in the vegetable garden is not silly at all, it allows to light it up and customize it.

As we enter, we face a bar in the Carbuncle atmosphere.

And we end this visit with a coil atmosphere with a magnificent chandelier which gives a bluish aura. The basement is separated by partitions which give us a library, a conference room and a jacuzzi.

I must have that the last house is my favorite, it is really pretty and very well furnished.

rjprojectsonline (at) Gmail (dot) com) and I will be happy to come and visit you!

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