GTA Online - Big Hat and Bodyguard Guide

The latest update of the game, White collar mobsters, offers the opportunity to become a big cap or a bodyguard! Follow this guide, brought to you by Rockstar, to reach your career goal.


Big beanie

If you want to become a big guy, make sure you have capital: 1 GTA $ is recommended to get started. If you have the money and the motivation, open the Interaction menu and go to the "SecuroServ" section, where you can register as a big guy and choose your organization's name. When you return to the Interaction with your new status menu, you will find a new option, "SecuroServ - Big hat", to manage your new status.

  • Big Cup status lasts for 4 hours spent playing in Free Mode. If you participate in activities or heists, the time you spend in these modes will not count towards the time you have left as a Big Ass. Once the 4 hours have elapsed, you will have to wait 12 hours before you can take on the role of big cup again.
  • There can only be 6 bigwigs simultaneously in a session. If 6 Big Cups are already active in the session you are joining, you will be offered to suspend your Big Cup status.

Of course, to survive in this world of mobsters, consider hiring bodyguards to serve and protect your organization!

  • You can hire other players as bodyguards (and fire them) with up to 3 bodyguards.
  • If a bodyguard betrays your organization or doesn't satisfy you, you can choose to terminate their contract via the "Remove" option. The other bodyguards in your organization will then have 5 minutes to eliminate it.
  • Two organizations with the same name cannot participate in the same session. It is of course possible to change the name of your organization, but it is not free.



If you don't yet have the budget to become a big guy, you can put yourself in the service of another player as a bodyguard and earn a salary of 5000 GTA $ every 15 minutes. To get hired, all you have to do is open the Interaction menu, select "SecuroServ", then go to the "Find work" option. Activate it to signal your availability to interested parties, and wait for someone to offer you work.

  • Your bodyguard salary is reduced by 5% each time your big boss dies (up to a limit of 50%).
  • As long as you are near the Big Hat employing you, you gain 100 RP per minute and respawn near it when you die.
  • Bodyguards can call in a vehicle if the big boss already has it, or if it's already active on the map.
  • As long as you are near the big boss employing you, your health regeneration is increased by 75%. The health and RP regeneration bonuses are also applied if you and the big boss employing you are in the same enclosed space.
  • If you're looking for RP, be aware that bodyguards regularly receive 400 RP when in the same vehicle as the big boss employing them, and 600 RP when driving the vehicle themselves. is said big cap.


Further information


Bodyguards earn 5000 GTA $ every 15 minutes while serving a Big Cap (even when serving the same Big Cap for a long time). In return, 100% of the earnings of bodyguards in free mode (including bonuses for participating in free mode events) will be donated to the big boss, less the 10% going to the company SecuroServ, and with the exception of sales of personal vehicles. Bodyguards also get a bonus to RP and boosted stats when in close proximity to their big cap. The stat boost and the health regeneration bonus are especially useful in modes like Bosses' Charges.

Do yachts count as properties?

Yachts are not considered properties, so they are not included in the limit of 5 properties you can own. On the other hand, you can appear on your yacht, change your clothes and even have a drink there if you feel like it. Yachts do not have a Garage or Heist Planning Room, but vehicles purchased with the Yacht will still respawn on the Yacht, even if they were destroyed during the previous session. You can't sell a yacht, but you can add or remove options to it, or even completely transform and rename it.

How to exclude unwanted people from your yacht

Any yacht owner worthy of the name knows how to sort out his guests. Each yacht is therefore equipped with a defense system and several options limiting access in order to avoid any unwanted visitors. To get rid of a possible stowaway without switching sessions, follow these steps:

  • Limit access to the yacht to evict intruders. You will find this option in the Yacht section of your Interaction menu.
  • Disable your yacht's defenses (so you can access your weapons).
  • Kill unwanted players. They will reappear on the coast.
  • Reactivate the defenses of your yacht so that they cannot return by plane for example.
  • Enjoy your whirlpool bath in peace, alone or with your friends.

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