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In this guide, you will find the different phases of the second heist, Prison exit, doable with four players.

The objective of this robbery is simple, as its name suggests, it will be necessary to get Maxim Rashkovsky out of prison, a professor with 3 doctorates all the same. He is also a sociopath, a creator of weapons or even an egocentric ... In short, a person who has no place in prison at all, it must be admitted.


Readiness Mission 1: Fly a plane

The objective of the mission is to steal a plane from the Vagos smugglers. If you've done GTA V's story mode, this is the gang that Trevor breaks out of at the start of his story.

You will have to go to the McKenzie airfield in order to recover the plane which is in the hangar. Be careful though, the plane is well guarded so prepare yourself accordingly.

As soon as the Vagos have been eliminated and before taking off, remember to clean the take-off runway from any cars that are troublesome for the pilot of the plane.

Hint: If you want to make the mission easier, go to the airfield with an armored vehicle. You will no longer have any difficulty for gang cleaning.


Readiness Mission 2: Steal a prison bus

Crest, our employer, asks us to steal a prison bus from the police to use it during the prison break.

The first step is to go to the prison bus and neutralize the various police forces (watch out for the helicopter). A player will have to take control of the prison bus to take it to the place of delivery. However, the entire team will need to get rid of the police before arriving at the delivery point.

Hint: First of all, you have to know that if the bus is destroyed, the mission will fail. To solve this problem, the 3 players who are not in the bus will have to take care of the police (ram, destruction, ...). To easily disappear from police radars regardless of your vehicle, try the nearby hills.


Preparation mission 3: Roadmap & Vehicle

This mission is different from the others because you will be divided into 2 teams of 2. The objectives of this mission are:

  • Team 1 : find a police car (Cruiser) and collect the prison bus route sheet
  • Team 2 : recover Rashkovsky's stolen car at the docks

The first team that will be disguised as a police officer will have to recover a police car. Following this, you will have to go to the police station to retrieve the route of the prison bus. You will have to be careful at the police station not to draw your weapon or run all the time because that will make you fail the mission. As soon as the plans are recovered, it will be necessary to destroy the police car to erase the traces.

The second team will have to go to the docks to retrieve a car. Arrived at the freighter, it will be necessary to clean it of the agents of Merryweather. No real difficulty, on the other hand, you will have to pay attention to the sniper and the guards who may be on the other side of the freighter and who could arrive behind your back. The car must then be delivered to the delivery point.

Hint: Two tips for your team

  • Instead of killing civilians to steal the Cruiser, the Cruiser can be delivered to you easily by calling 911 (no bloodshed).
  • There is a crane towards the freighter, it is easy to snip most of the guards.


Preparation mission 4: Execution

Like the previous mission, you will be divided into 2 teams with each of its own objectives:

  • Team 1 : eliminate lawyers in front of the town hall of Los Santos
  • Team 2 : discreetly eliminate Rashkovsky's partner

The first team will have to stand in front of the town hall and wait for the lawyers to arrive in front of the town hall. It will be necessary to be fast and synchronized to kill them because as soon as the first shot is fired, the lawyer (s) (in case of failure) will try to take cover quickly. Then you will have to go to your apartment.

The second team will have to go to associate Popov. There's no time limit, so be sure to study and kill a few guards before you go take out Popov. Know that if you are discovered, the mission will not be a failure.

Trick : several tips in this mission according to your team

  • After killing the two lawyers, the police will come after you. Two solutions are possible for you, to liquidate them or to escape. The second solution is the simplest, consider taking an armored car to avoid bullets.
  • Regarding Popov, there is a simple solution. If you are detected, he will want to escape. Lucky for us, Popov always fled the same way: down the house. You just have to pick it.


Final mission: release from prison

In this final mission, the team will be divided into 3 groups each having their own objective:

  • The prisoner and guard group
  • The pilot's group
  • The Demolitionist's Group
  • Guard & Prisoner
  • Pilot
  • Demolitionist

The first group will have to infiltrate the prison thanks to the bus recovered previously. Arrived at the prison, the guard will have to bring the prisoner in the prison and join Rashovsky to exfiltrate him. Following this exfiltration, the group will have to join the pilot at the airfield located near the prison.

Hint: in the majority of cases, even if you do it the right way, the guards will attack you quickly. Rather than waiting for bullets, take the lead and kill the various guards as soon as you get off the bus. Remember to take protective vests in your inventory.

The pilot will have to take control of the plane recovered from the Vagos aerodrome. Its mission is to recover the first group as well as the prisoner. Unfortunately, the plan will not go as planned because the plane will be chased by the army. These planes will disappear when the first group comes out of the prison. From then on, the pilot will have to land quickly at the aerodrome to exfiltrate the group.

Trick : To avoid being continuously targeted for the fighter plane (which reappears automatically if it is descended), the pilot must position himself behind the fighter plane.

The group of the demolisher meanwhile will have as its primary objective to intercept and destroy the real prison bus. This one is not guarded by the police, so it is easy to get hold of it. After recovering the helicopter, the wrecker will have to protect the pilot of the army plane. Finally, he will have to recover the group on the beach when Rashovsky has taken control of the plane to escape Los Santos.

Hint: if the pilot of the plane stands behind the army plane, then the wrecker can help the prison team. However, be careful not to shoot your teammates (wait for the complete missile lock before firing).


Steering gain

Like every mission, you have three difficulty levels giving rise to three different gains (total loot):

  • Easy : 200 000 $
  • Normal : 400 000 $
  • Difficult : $ 500

The elite challenge specific to heist missions will earn you the sum of $ 100. To succeed, it will be necessary to achieve certain objectives during the final mission:

  • Rashkovsky must not take more than 1% damage
  • Extraction in less than 4 minutes 40
  • No death


You all know now, if you discover new tips, do not hesitate to share them with us!

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