FFXIV - Phase 4: Update Details

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We had been promised details about phase 4, it's done!


Playable content:

  • the maximum level of phase 4 will be 20.
  • The following areas have been added: Mist, Lair of Wolves, Coerthas, Mor Dhona

  • Side quests up to level 20 have been added.
    The quest "A Relic Reborn" will be available upon release.
  • Class quests have been added
    Job quests will be available upon release
  • Voices have been implemented in some quests in the main storyline


  • The following changes have been made to the mandates:
    • adjustment of the frequency of the appearance of chests,
    • warrants to fish are available,
    • adjustment of the content of certain mandates,
    • rewards in gil, experiences and items received through warrants have been revised,
    • the time for retrieving money order authorizations has been changed: 5 a.m. and 5 p.m. PDT, i.e. 14 p.m. and 2 a.m. spanish summer time.
    • the initial amount of mandate authorizations received when you release them has been changed.
  • The following changes have been made to Guild Operations:
    • adjustments to the behavior of certain enemies,
    • adjustment of rewards,
    • players will now receive a bonus if they successfully complete the operation without dying.
  • The following changes have been made to Hazards:
    • new Hazards have been added,
    • players who are 6 levels higher than the current Alea will not be able to interact with it if they do not synchronize their level,
    • the "Taunt" action will no longer affect enemies.
  • For testing in PvP, the Wolves' Den has been added.
    During Phase 4 you will be able to access the Lair through the Mission Tool. It will be necessary to have completed the epic "Trial of Flames" to go there.
  • You can change your Chocobo's name by talking to one of Gridania's grooms, Ul'Dah and Limsa Lominsa.


  • New features have been added to Free Companies
    Only V1 characters above level 25 will be able to create a Free Company during phase 4.
    By forming a Free Company players will have access to the Company Chest. It will be possible to deposit objects there so that other members of the company can take them. Members will also be able to accumulate experience for their Company as well as dedicated credits.
    • Accumulating Company experience will allow you to unlock the following functions:
      • create a Company coat of arms by talking to the NPCs of the Large Companies,
      • increase the capacity of the Company Safe,
      • affix the company crest on equipment.
    • Compagnie Libre Shares will be available. You can unlock them via company credits:
      • The Heat of Battle: increases combat experience gain,
      • Earth and Water: increases the experience gain in harvesting,
      • Helping Hand: increases the experience gain in crafting,
      • A Man's Best Friend: increases experience gain for companions,
      • Brave New World: increases the attributes of players below level 10,
      • Live off the Land: increases the harvest,
      • What You See: increases perception,
      • In Control: increase control
      • That Which Binds Us: increases the speed of symbiosis,
      • Meat and Mead: increases the duration of the effects of food,
      • Proper Care: slows down equipment wear,
      • Back on Your Feet: reduces the weakening time,
      • Reduced Rates: reduces the cost of teleportations,
        * As chocobos as a companion are not available during phase 4, "A Man's Best Friend" will have no effects.
    • Purchased actions will be accessible in the Compagnie Libre interface, Actions menu


  • The dungeons available during phase 4 will be limited. The levels required to enter have been changed. Will be accessible:
    • The depths of Sastasha formerly level 15-17, now 15-18,
    • The Hypogeum of Tam-Tara formerly 16-18 now 16-19,
    • Les Mines de Clochecuivre formerly 17-19 now 17-20,
    • Halatali formerly 20-22 now 20-23.
  • Some quests will need to be completed to access the dungeons.
  • If one of the players completes a dungeon for the first time, the party will receive a bonus. This is valid for dungeons below level 50.
  • If players fail multiple times, they will receive a bonus for trying again.


  • New categories have been added to the bestiary: one for the Arcanist and a new category of Rank 5 for all classes.
  • Housing area "Mist" will be available in Limsa Lominsa.

Combat System

  • The Arcanist is available, players can choose this class when creating their character.


  • Actions have been reviewed and adjusted.
  • After unlocking a second combat class, players will receive bonus experience when they kill enemies and participate in Hazards. This bonus does not apply to your highest class.


  • New features have been added for your personal Chocobo.
    When you receive it, a new menu will appear, accessible from the Character window:


You will have the possibility to modify the equipment of your companion: legs, body, head


  • New monsters have been added
  • The position of enemies has been adjusted


Objects, Crafting and Harvesting

  • The Fisherman is available


  • And of course the features that go with it are present:
    • fishing grounds up to level 50 have been added,
    • the logbook and the guide are available.


  • New items have been added.
  • New recipes have been added: Items of level 50 that are difficult to create will be marked as follows: "Lv 50 ★".
  • The attributes of standard quality objects were reviewed, as well during a level sync.
  • The damage done to armor while weakened has been reduced.
  • Equipment repair NPCs will be able to restore your equipment to 100% strength. The cost will depend on the restored strength.
  • In loot, you will only be able to use "NEED" if your class or job is capable of using the item.
  • By talking to the "Calamity Avenger" NPC V1 players will be able to exchange materials collected during V1 seasonal events to receive the final version of the item.


  • The following changes to the dyes have been made:
    • new dyes have been added,
    • new colors can be used by all craftsmen,
    • When selecting a previous dye from the dye menu, the previous dye will now be shown.


  • By using a Chocobo Whistle, a chocobo will be added to the Mounts category in the Actions and Traits interface.
  • New mascots have been added. Adjustments have been made to the areas where pets can be summoned.


  • The following changes have been made to Materia: 
    • Craftsmen can now crimp a Materia on another player

Tutorial for asking for help from another player

Select another player and use "Request Meld"


Select the desired equipment and Materia:

A confirmation window will appear:

3. the Materia to be crimped and its characteristics,
4. the equipment on which to crimp the Materia,
5. the required Catalyst,
6. the success rate,
7. the reward offered. (optional)


The targeted player can then accept the request and carry it out.

  • The following changes have been made to crafting classes:
    • modification of the move to CP and the effects of several Actions,
    • adjustments to experience points gained,
    • the option of "Quick Synthesis" has been implemented. This option will be available from level 10 for all classes and will be present in the form of a button.


  • The following changes have been made to the Harvest Classes:
    • new actions have been added to reveal "hidden" harvest points,
    • new collectable items have been added,
    • the level required to collect items and their location have been added to the Harvest Log,
    • the number of harvest attempts at one point has increased from 6 to 5,
    • players can no longer use items or food while harvesting,
    • adjustments have been made to the bonuses granted by harvest points,
    • adjustments have been made to attributes, GP move and level required for certain actions,
    • adjustments have been made to the harvest rate and obtaining High Quality items,
    • Dark Materials can no longer be obtained through Gathering.


  • The following changes have been made to the Marketplace:
    • the objects displayed through the search can now be sorted,
    • a transaction history is now available when talking to your Servant.
  • The following features have been brought to the Servant:
    • When you recruit a Servant you can change its appearance:


V1 players will also be able to modify their servant.
You will also be able to change the character of your servant.


  • The names of the following objects have been changed:
    • List to come
  • The equipment of the Large Companies cannot be used during phase 4.



  • Players can now choose between the Micro Menu with keyboard and mouse and the Main Menu with a joystick.

  • New functions have been added to the Character window:


  1. A 3D model of your character is visible,
  2. You can choose to display your primary and / or secondary weapon as well as the "Head" equipment.
  3. You can update your Outfit.
  4. The interface for the companion has been added.
  5. A tooltip is now displayed for all items in the Character window.
  • The following functions have been added to the action bars:
    • you can display or not the unused locations,
    • the MP cost will change color if your target is too far away,
    • players can now share their action bar between multiple classes and jobs. For example if you decide to share the action bar 10, it will be visible for all classes and jobs. Changing the class will not change it.
  • The following functions have been added to targeting bars:
    • Signs of enemies will now appear on the targeting bar

    • a right click on the bar will bring up a sub-menu.


  • Players can now view and edit their research information by right clicking on their name in the group list.
  • the status "looking for help to crimp a material" is available.
  • the following features have been implemented on the card:
    • the name of the quests will be displayed on the map when they are to be carried out in another zone,
    • selecting the name of a region on the map will now open the map for that region.


  • List of Recommendations has been added. It indicates which Missions are available to you in the area.
    This list will be available when you have progressed through the epic. It is also configurable via the "Character configuration" menu.


  • Equipment not used by your current class or job will be marked with an X
  • icons of equipment not salable to the NPC will now be grayed out in the list when talking to the NPC.


  • The "Achievements" have been added. 
    Those unlocked on V1 will be visible in ARR
  • Players will be able to view a title received from an "Achievement".
    This option is available in the Character window. Titles from V1 can be used.


  • The following changes have been made to Emotes:
    • New emotes have been added
      • / visor: open or close the helmet


    • Some emotes can be used while seated or on a mount.


  • A first person view is now available (Character Configuration Menu)
  • the following features have been implemented in the chat window:
    • possibility to display the time,
    • possibility of copy / paste,
    • new colors are available to customize the text color.


You can also change the chat window size with the joystick. When the window is selected press Y (△) to change its size


  • Lip sync on your character when you write in the chat:

  • New weather conditions have been added:
    • fog
      dust storms
      sand storms
      Heat wave
      dark, creepy
  • Text commands have been added: to come


  • Text commands have been added to macros:
    • : displays the name of the last player who sent you a / tell
    • : displays the name of the intended target
    • : displays the name of the last target when none is selected or when another is
    • : displays the name of the last enemy target
    • : Displays the name of the last enemy you damaged or took an action on.
    • : displays the name of your current companion
    • .. : play a sound in the chat.


  • The following additions have been made to the Actions and Traits menu:
    • General
      • target in front
      • target behind
    • Companion :
      • displays all actions available to companions
    • Frames:
      • displays all purchased mounts
    • Main commands
      • Companions
      • Recommendations
      • Fishing Log
      • Fishing Guide
      • Support Center
  • The Support Center has been added to the System Menu


  • The following options have been added to the Character Configuration Menu:
    • Controls settings :
      • General:
        • first person camera self-adjustment
        • activate camera effects when using an action
        • standard camera adjustment
        • character rotation speed
      • Target:
        • Targeting Modes: Activate auto-targeting when no target is specified.
      • Characters:
        • character configuration: effects during movement (moved from the System Configuration menu)
        • inventory: store new items in the Arsenal and store crafted items in inventory
        • Combat Effects Configuration: Moved from System Configuration menu
        • Shops settings :
          • Display a confirmation when selling certain items: crimpable items, symbiotic items, unique and personal items
    • Interface configuration:
      • General :
        • Map: restore the map when the character does not move
      • Main Menu
      • Help
        • displays a tooltip
      • Character information
      • List of recommendations
      • Group: preferences
    • Name display configuration:
      • choice of colors
      • display types
    • Configurations of action bars:
      • Display or not the unused boxes (on Windows only)
      • Sharing bars
      • Cross bars: General configuration, choice of display type, selection of sets.
    • Chat window:
      • Choice of display of names (in full, by initials)
      • Adding time
      • Activate lip sync


  • The following changes have been made to the System Configuration menu:
    • Graghic Options (Windows)
      5 pre-configured configurations are possible:
      • Maximum
      • High (Desktop PC)
      • High (Laptop PC)
      • Standard (desktop PC)
      • Standard (laptop PC)
    • Real-time reflections added
    • Split shadow settings
    • Parameters of divided physical movements
    • the description of some graphics settings have been adjusted


  • Controller configuration
    • a key configuration for the controllers has been added.
      The configured actions can be modified through each group of buttons.

  • Other parameters
    • Players can choose the format of their screenshot (PNG or JPG)
    • Players can choose the desired audio language for the cutscenes.


  • The following options have been added to the Key Assignment menu:
    • Movement: Direction: the functionality is the same by pressing the left and right mouse buttons simultaneously
    • Targeting:
      • Target Companion or Familiar - F9
      • Filtering targets - LB (L1) + X (□)
      • Filtering targets - LB (L1) + Y (?)

      • Target filtering - LB (L1) + B (?)

      • Filtering targets - LB (L1) + A (X)

    • System: Change the size of a window: ctrl + home
    • Action bar: Familiar action bar: slots 1-12
    • Controller: Controller settings can be linked to the keyboard.


  • The following parameters have been added to the ATH interface:
    • Window sizes can be adjusted to 80%, 100% or 120%
    • Pressing the following keys will change the size of the selected window: ctrl + home for the keyboard, R3 for the controller


  • The following changes have been made to character creation:
    • The character's size is displayed.
    • A random character creation generator is available.
    • Players can freely access any character customization option.
    • Names can be randomly generated depending on the character's race and gender.
    • The following controls can be used to adjust the position of the camera:
      • keyboard and mouse: keep the scroll wheel pressed down or up while using it,
      • joystick: Hold down LB (L1) and use the left analog stick
    • The rotation of the camera with the analog sticks has been reversed compared to phase 3.


  • The following changes have been made to the throttle controls:
    • players can take screenshots with the controller, (LB (L1) + START)

    • players can display the ATH with the controller. (LB (L1) + BACK (SELECT))

    • players can take screenshots while playing on PS3.

Translations will be added as well as more explained parts later, come back quickly to read us! 

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