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Simeon is one of the very first contacts you will have and who will give you some missions to do.

To be honest, its missions are not necessarily the most fun to play, but in any case, they will be a good way to start the adventure and to make some money. The rewards specified are valid for Normal mode, solo, with a duration of more than 16 minutes (for more information on the rewards system, see our guide).


Rewards for each mission


Currency of his coin

Unlocking : rang 5
Players 1-4
Reward : 15 250 $

Simeon was broken into and two cars were stolen. He asks you to go get them.

To do well, it would take at least two to save a little time. The two cars are in motion, and all alone, you have to make two round trips to pick them up.

Once one of the cars is found, it is enough to get rid of their drivers.

Then bring the cashier to the dealership.

And start over with the second.


A rich manna

Unlocking : rang 5
Players 1-4
Reward : 15 250 $

Direction the Villa Richman for a new seizure of two cars. The mission is doable on your own, but together, it will take much less time.

Here again, two cars are to be stolen. But first, we will have to succeed in hacking the system allowing to open the portal. In the computer simuli, just locate the External Device, launch the Brute Force program, and line up the green letters in the frame.

Once done, it is unfortunately not over and it will be necessary to take care of the guards who watch the property.

This will involve a clue of a search by the police, which will have to be disposed of before delivering the car to Simeon.


Rockford Roll

Unlocking : rang 5
Players 1-2
Reward : 15 250

Simeon is a car salesman who cares about the well-being of the cars he sells. And apparently, one of the ones he sold doesn't like his buyer and he wants it picked up. What a caring man, this Simeon!

Definitely one of the quickest and least complicated missions. You just have to poke the cash register in the nose and beard of the hotel security guards to bring it back to the nearby concession, avoiding the police.


Justice recovery

Unlocking : rang 5
Players 1-2
Reward : 15 250 $

Simeon's specialty is really grabbing. He asks us to go get a pink Zion and bring it back to him.

The only difficulty (if you can call it that) will be to escape the police with a star rating.

Once escaped, just bring the candy back to the concession.


Legitimate seizure

Unlocking : rang 5
Players 1-2
Reward : 15 250 $

And a new car seizure ... again, yes! A Coquette this time.

The only difference is that its owner is driving it and he will not hesitate to run away cowardly so as not to give in to it.

A few well-placed submachine gun shots, and we don't talk about it anymore.

Once the cops are sacked, all that remains is to bring the car back to the dealership, and presto, we pocket the reward.


Ungrateful youth

Unlocking : rang 10
Players 1-2
Reward : 15 500 $

A new seizure to make, right in the ghetto. And the Baller to be grabbed is in the hands of a gang.

Who is not going to let it go, that's for sure. Because as soon as we approach a little too much, they take out the pistols, and there, the more the choice, it is also necessary to take out his (or even bigger).

They even send cars to chase us.

Once these bad payers have been eliminated, head to the dealership.


The Burrocratie

Unlocking : rang 10
Players 1-4
Reward : 15 500 $

Another seizure, but in gang territory. Not even scared eh?

A few cars will bother you along the way, but eliminating them shouldn't be too much of a problem for you.



Unlocking : rang 10
Players 1-4
Reward : 15 500 $

Simeon is a sort of Robin Hood ... well he's the one saying it. He asks us to go and retrieve cars that some rich people "give" to him, to give them back ... to himself.

You won't have to worry about people present, but with every car picked up, the police will search for you, with two search stars.



Unlocking : rang 12
Players 1-2
Reward : 15 600 $

Ah a little new. Instead of recovering a car, this time, it will be necessary to destroy some! Go to the competing dealership.

There are several ways you can destroy these vehicles. Grenades, sticky bombs, grenade launchers and rockets ... But the mission is available at rank 12, and one can be quite helpless for massive destruction.

My little advice: the gas can. Put some gasoline all over the vehicles.

Light with a little gunshot, and presto, the barbecue is on!


Legitimate seizure 2

Unlocking : rang 16
Players 1-2
Reward : 15 800 $

How unfortunate this Simeon. He who does everything for the well-being of his customers and the community, here are little young people taunting him with the car he sold them. Let's go get it back and teach these puppets a lesson.

A few well-placed bullets, and presto, we get the car.

And like every time we have to deal with a gang member, his friends are not necessarily happy. They're chasing us, but it won't be very hard to eliminate them.


Explosion 2

Unlocking : rang 20
Players 1-2
Reward : 16 000 $

New destruction mission, with a car to recover, and all the others of its owner to blow up!

The target, the yellow Banshee, is surrounded by the cars to be destroyed. The easiest way is to take it out first.

Once out of range, it's up to you to choose the way you like: grenade launcher, rockets, grenades, sticky bombs, or even with an assault rifle, why not!

You will then have to outrun the cops, with three search stars, then bring the car back to Simeon.


Explosion 3

Unlocking : rang 31
Players 1-2
Reward : 16 550 $

Again a bit of demolition, with a dozen cars exploding on the docks.

Suffice to say that the Grenade Launcher, if you ever unlocked it, is perfect. Otherwise, you will have to go with the classic grenades or sticky bomb.


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