GTA V: Unknown and Crazy - Bounty Hunter

One could say that Trevor is an outlaw, that he does not care about convicts on the run. And yet, no, he has a sense of justice all his own ... well, anyway, as long as it pays!

During the adventure, you will be brought to meet Maude, who employs bounty hunters to recover (alive if possible) bandits on the loose.

It will send you emails from time to time, with the target, and its last known location.

Then you just have to go to this location. Most of the time, the criminal will try to escape. The mission is not a failure if you kill him, but you will earn more money by bringing him back alive.

Here are the locations of each criminal (click on the link to zoom):

  • Ralph Ostrowski
  • Larry Tupper
  • Glenn Scoville
  • Curtis Weaver

His last known position is in the quarry, deep down. He will try to escape with one of the cars, but quickly puncture the tires, he will change his mind and leave on foot.

A well-placed punch, and threaten it with your weapon, it won't flinch. You can then bring it quietly to Maude.

The guy is hiding near a barn. Prepare protections, because his friends will shoot you, while he is the trunk.

Run after him (he runs fast, the bastard), and watch your health. Running too much can lead to a heart attack, don't forget. At worst, take a car and bump into him "nicely" so as not to kill him.

And bring it back to Maude.

Take out the hiking shoes, for this one, you will have to climb. Right at the top of Mount Chiliad to be precise. Do not hesitate to take a motorcycle or an all-terrain machine, it will be much easier. Or the cable car. But don't hesitate to take a moment to enjoy the view.

When you get to the top, as soon as you approach, the bounty literally flies away ... with a parachute. Do not hesitate, and jump too ... well, remember to take the parachute next to it, otherwise I do not guarantee the final state.

Once on land, pursue the bandit, and bring him back to Maude.

Curtis is a ramshackle activist hiding deep in a vagabond camp near the highway.

It will not necessarily be complicated to understand. A few shots to hit back, and he'll surrender easily.


Once the four criminals have been apprehended, Maude tells you that she is retiring. So this is the end of our hunt for the bounty!

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