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After talking about the factions and then a bit of everything, the questions and answers return to the official Elder Scrolls Online site with this week an update on the fights.

I invite you to read the entire article for all the answers but here is a summary of the information given:

  • flexible targeting:
    • need to face
    • impossibility for another character to intervene once a target is locked.
    • only possibility for the target: dodge roll (usable by all) or escape movement
    • healer side: area of ​​effect or cone healing, inability to target an ally
    • archers side: compulsory targeting, charged attack (more damage by keeping the left button pressed)
  • no attacks linked only to a situation (just more effective attacks)
  • no obligation to have a classic format (dps / tank / healer) for dungeon groups
  • start of PvP level 10
  • experience and loot granted to all participants in a fight
  • armor linked to special bonuses (with the possibility of mixing them):
    • light: spells, magic regeneration
    • intermediate: vigor (dodge), stealth
    • heavy: healing bonus, cashing
  • a character is defined by:
    • its abilities in the shortcut bar
    • its consumables
    • his health / magic / vigor point allocations
    • his weapons / armor
    • its distribution of skill points

We also learn that the first dungeon (I imagine), can be completed around levels 10-15 and is called the Fungal Caves!

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